How the Winter Elements Affect Your MacBook Pro


Winter is fully upon us, ushering in cold temperatures and sometimes harsh weather conditions. While you might know how to protect your car and pipes from withstanding permanent damage from the cold winter weather, do you know how to protect your MacBook Pro? Find out how freezing temps can cause lasting damage to your precious MacBook and also learn how you can protect your device from the elements.

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Show your Sweetheart you Care by Getting the Newest and Greatest MacBook Accessories


Tired of getting your sweetheart candy and roses every year? Looking for a gift they’ll actually use this Valentine’s Day? Think outside the (chocolate) box and find out why a MacBook Pro case and other top MacBook accessories will delight and surprise your loved one this year.

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Do You Even Need a MacBook Air Keyboard Cover?


The latest 2018 MacBook Airs are incredibly thin and even more powerful than ever before. With all that tech, do you even need a MacBook Air keyboard cover? In this guide, we’ll cover why protecting your keyboard is important and the top reasons why a MacBook Air keyboard cover will make sense in your life no matter who you are.

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Are You a Minimalist? This is The Best MacBook Case for You

macbook pro case

Part of the appeal of minimalism is that it flies directly in the face of consumerism, allowing people to simplify their lives and focus on whatever is most essential. As you start getting rid of your things, it’s important to embrace minimalism in every aspect of your life – even your tech. After a lot of searching, we’ve compiled a list of the best MacBook case options for every minimalist.  

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New Year, New You: Best MacBook Accessories to Look for in 2019


Every year we make resolutions we can’t keep because they’re too vague: lose more weight, save more money. But, when it comes to your MacBook, this guide will help you make some resolutions you can actually keep. Here are the best accessories for your MacBook, from a MacBook Air case, to a MacBook screen protector, to the software you need to make your Mac run smoother in 2019.

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Just Got a MacBook for Christmas? Best Features to Look for in a MacBook Pro Case


If you’ve been good enough this year, Santa might just bring you the best gift of all: a brand new MacBook Pro. A gift so perfect, you’ll want to get the perfect case to match. But with so many cases to choose from, how will you know you’re getting the right one? This holiday guide covers everything you’d need to look for when choosing your very own MacBook Pro Case.

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You Just Bought a Mac, Do You Need a Mac Screen Protector?


Nothing quite measures up to the feeling of getting a new Mac. But is your screen protected? Everyday wear and tear can lead to scratches, and even worse than that, accidental drops can leave you with a cracked screen that’s expensive to fix. This guide covers the benefits of protecting your new MacBook with a MacBook screen protector, how it can help you save money in the long run and increase your peace of mind.

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