Just Got a MacBook for Christmas? Best Features to Look for in a MacBook Pro Case


It’s Christmas time again, and the jingle bells are ringing a little louder for you this year because Santa came through big time – he descended the chimney with a brand-spanking-new MacBook Pro with your name on it! When the elves heard how good you were this year, the factory erupted in tiny elf cheers. They knew they’d get to wrap up a shiny MacBook Pro to put in Santa’s sack just for you. And who wouldn’t be excited? MacBook Pros are the best computers for students, creatives, and professionals. They combine top-level computing power with portability that can’t be beat. Plus, they are absolutely beautiful. And now you’re asking yourself, “If Santa was so nice to me this year, giving me the perfect gift, how can I be just as nice to my MacBook Pro?” Well, the answer is simple. Give your new MacBook Pro the gift it’ll love just as much: the best MacBook Pro case around.

You’re probably thinking, won’t anyone MacBook Pro case be just as good as all the rest? And that’s where you’re mistaken. Not all cases are created equally. Here are some important things to look out for when choosing your MacBook Pro case. 

Protection from the Elements

Winter weather can be intense. You should think about a MacBook Pro case like you think about a good winter coat. Everyday wear and tear can cause scratches and dents in your MacBook Pro’s all-aluminum outer casing. Every time you pull your MacBook Pro in and out of your bag, set it on an uneven surface, or carry it under your arm, you’re presenting the perfect opportunity for disaster to strike. You’d never go out in a snowstorm without a winter coat, and you should never carry your MacBook without a case. Plus, getting the best MacBook Pro case you can find will also give you peace of mind whenever you’ve got your laptop with you. If you’re running from meeting to meeting to interview, ruining your MacBook is one less thing you’ll have to worry about. Your case’s most important job should be protecting it from everyday wear and tear. If you choose to go without one, whether it’s a loose set of keys or a rogue binder, there’s no telling where your next scratch or ding will come from.

Something to Match Your Style (Whether it’s More Knitted Sweater or Footie Pajamas) 

Stylish-woman-in-sunglasses-at-a-desk-with-a-MacBook-ProYour MacBook Pro case says a lot about your style. Think about all the places you’ll go with your MacBook Pro! You’ll practically wear the thing! That’s why it’s important to think about what the color, materials, and design will say about you as a person. On its own, the MacBook Pro is gorgeous. Clean lines, a slim profile, an all-aluminum body. But let’s face it, the design is generic. Getting a MacBook Pro case that showcases and amplifies your personal style is the perfect opportunity to stand out from the rest of the crowd amongst a sea of grey and dark grey computers.

Materials Fit for Santa’s Workshop

Not a lot of people think about the material their MacBook Pro is made from when picking out a case. But honestly, it’s just as important as the color and design. Going with a rubberized silicone case vs. a leatherette case can totally change a MacBook Pro’s style. If you’re going for something subtler and classier, you’ll probably want to go with a leatherette case. In an interview, it’s going to tell future clients you’re well-dressed, put together, and thoughtful – all the way down to your MacBook Pro case. If you’re a more fun and light-hearted person in general, then a rubberized case might be right for you. Rubberized silicone cases come in so many different colors and designs, you’re bound to find one that fits your style. On the other hand, if you really just love your MacBook Pro’s inherent design and clean look, you might want to choose a clear hardshell case. Hardshell cases will provide the same amount of protection as the other materials, all while showcasing Apple’s stunning design. 

Patterns Perfect for Pajamas

Whether you’re artsy or kistchy or somewhere in between, there’s a patterned MacBook Pro case out there that’s just right for you. With so many different pattern choices for cases, it can seem overwhelming to try and find the right fit. But, if you’re interested in getting a patterned MacBook Pro case, it’ll help to go in knowing what your personal style is in the first place. If you’re the kind of person who loves chevron rugs and wearing plaid sweaters, then you’ll probably want to choose a case with a more intricate and detailed pattern design. If you like your Christmas cafes full of doilies and flowers, you might go with a more classic lace-printed pattern. If you’re super into bold colors and modern art, you should probably choose an edgier, contemporary pattern for your MacBook Pro case. Yes, the options are practically endless, but taking some time to think about your own style first is going to help you pick the best MacBook Pro case pattern to match.

Reds and Greens and Blues and Golds

There are a couple ways to think about choosing the right color for your MacBook Pro case. One way is to take a look at the accessories in your life. A lot of people are naturally drawn to accessories that are a certain color or shades of a color. Are your shoes, coats, scarfs, bags, and hats all one color or in the same color family? If that’s the case then you’ll probably want to choose something that is the same color as the rest of your accessories. If your shoes and belt match, your MacBook Pro case should probably match as well. The second way is to take a look at your wardrobe and try to pick out which colors you wear most often. If you’re naturally drawn to a lot of blues, then you might want to pick an orange or red case that will compliment a lot of your outfits. Most importantly, no one knows your style and preferences better than you. When choosing the right MacBook Pro case for yourself, make sure you love the color no matter how it fits into your style. 

Assembly Not Required

When you set out on your winter MacBook Pro case journey, you need to be certain that the case you end up with is going to have all the functionality you require. Functionality primarily refers to two things: access and ease of installation. First off, you need to be certain that the case you end up buying allows you to access all of the ports and connections on your new MacBook Pro. Kuzy prides itself in manufacturing Macbook Pro cases that are fully tested to ensure each one allows for complete and unhindered access to your laptop. Secondly, you don’t want to struggle when taking your MacBook Pro case on and off. This really comes into play when you clean your MacBook Pro and its case. The best cases come off easily and snap on with confidence. It’s the holidays after all! You should be spending your time with family and friends, and drinking eggnog by the fire (if that’s your thing). You shouldn’t have to spend all day trying to snap on a case that doesn’t fit properly.

Cozy Up by the Fire, and Choose the Perfect MacBook Pro Case

Now that you know exactly what to look for when picking out the perfect MacBook Pro case, it’s time to get shopping! Sit down by the fireplace (or pull one up on Netflix) and find yourself a case that protects your MacBook Pro, matches your style, is made from quality materials, and comes with the all right functionality. Make your holidays even cheerier with the perfect MacBook Pro case.

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