Tips For Protecting Your MacBook

If you're like most people, you probably find yourself using your MacBook every day of the week. You may use it to surf the web, post on social media, respond to emails, write a blog, etc. For frequent travelers who work remotely, your laptop makes the perfect travel companion. But with working on the road comes the possibility of your MacBook being much more susceptible to dings, dirt or even liquid spills. Thanks to our stylish and functional Kuzy accessories, you can get the protection that you need!

If you want your MacBook to continue looking shiny and new, keep reading for a few of our tips and tricks to protect your investment.

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New Year, New You: Best MacBook Accessories to Look for in 2019


Every year we make resolutions we can’t keep because they’re too vague: lose more weight, save more money. But, when it comes to your MacBook, this guide will help you make some resolutions you can actually keep. Here are the best accessories for your MacBook, from a MacBook Air case, to a MacBook screen protector, to the software you need to make your Mac run smoother in 2019.

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You Just Bought a Mac, Do You Need a Mac Screen Protector?


Nothing quite measures up to the feeling of getting a new Mac. But is your screen protected? Everyday wear and tear can lead to scratches, and even worse than that, accidental drops can leave you with a cracked screen that’s expensive to fix. This guide covers the benefits of protecting your new MacBook with a MacBook screen protector, how it can help you save money in the long run and increase your peace of mind.

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