Kuzy's Gift Guide For Her

The lady in your life deserves the best! Whether you’re shopping for your girlfriend, wife, sister, mom, daughter or friend, these trendy and useful gifts will be sure to make her happy!  Here is a guide of some of the best Kuzy MacBook accessories you need to empower the amazing women in your life!

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Tips For Protecting Your MacBook

If you're like most people, you probably find yourself using your MacBook every day of the week. You may use it to surf the web, post on social media, respond to emails, write a blog, etc. For frequent travelers who work remotely, your laptop makes the perfect travel companion. But with working on the road comes the possibility of your MacBook being much more susceptible to dings, dirt or even liquid spills. Thanks to our stylish and functional Kuzy accessories, you can get the protection that you need!

If you want your MacBook to continue looking shiny and new, keep reading for a few of our tips and tricks to protect your investment.

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Just Got a MacBook for Christmas? Best Features to Look for in a MacBook Pro Case


If you’ve been good enough this year, Santa might just bring you the best gift of all: a brand new MacBook Pro. A gift so perfect, you’ll want to get the perfect case to match. But with so many cases to choose from, how will you know you’re getting the right one? This holiday guide covers everything you’d need to look for when choosing your very own MacBook Pro Case.

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Apple Confirmed Thermal Issue with MacBook Pro; Even More Reason Why You Need the Best MacBook Pro Case


After Apple confirmed their 2018 MacBook Pros shipped with a known thermal throttling issue, what can you do to protect yourself and your MacBook Pro? Apple addresses the problem with a software fix, but does their solution go far enough? This guide discusses Apple’s solution to fix the issue and also covers how getting the right MacBook Pro case possibly goes one step further to help the fix.

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