Health Alert — How Dirty is Your MacBook Keyboard?

Your MacBook keyboard puts the world at your fingertips. Six rows of keys are all it takes to write a book, edit a video or send that message to connect with a long-lost friend. It’s an incredible tool we get to use every day. The downside? Apple doesn’t provide us with a MacBook keyboard cover.

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Should I get a MacBook Pro Screen Protector for My MacBook Air?

Witness the difference between a regular Mac screen protector and one designed specifically for your MacBook Air.

Unboxing a MacBook Air is always a special event. The packaging and the product itself both have an exceptional quality that is unmistakable. You know immediately that hours of thoughtful design and careful planning went into its creation. That instant excitement for and trust in your laptop is what we strive to duplicate with our MacBook Air screen protectors.

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MacBook Air Case and 8 Other Important Things to Know About Your Device

The top priority of any MacBook Air owner is to keep their laptop safe and running as smoothly as possible. Whether you are a student starting your college adventure, a dedicated professional trying to launch a small business or a grandparent hoping to stay connected to your family around the world, a major part of your success is a fully functional, lightweight, powerful MacBook Air.

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