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Minimalism can have a positive effect on so many different aspects of your life. As a concept, it works to declutter your physical life so you can more easily declutter your mental one. With fewer distractions, you’ll have an easier time engaging in the things in your life that you truly enjoy. Unfortunately, consumerism will have you believe the exact opposite. Every day we are inundated with advertisements that lead us to believe that more things will equal more happiness. But, if you’re even slightly interested in minimalism as a concept – and living a more minimalist lifestyle – then you probably already know, at least on some level, that consumerism is wrong.

For many minimalists, Apple devices are integral to their minimalist lifestyle. On one hand they combine all the apps, photos, documents, and functionality you use on a daily basis into a single device. This is one place where technology fits perfectly into minimalism. Before we had modern laptop computers we would have had to carry around a typewriter, camera, stamps, and you’re entire photo collection and file cabinet just to meet the basic functionality of a MacBook. Impossible! Then, on a more superficial note, the clean lines and simple design of MacBooks make them fit effortlessly into a minimalist home. However, even minimalists must face the outside world. And taking your MacBook out into the world inevitably exposes it to the perils of everyday wear and tear like scratches and dents. Even a perfect minimalist should protect their MacBook with a MacBook case. And here, we’ll cover the best MacBook Pro case and the best MacBook Air case for any minimalist.

The Advantages of Minimalism

In Fumio Sasaki’s popular book on minimalism, goodbye, things, he covers many reasons why his life is better now that he practices a full minimalist lifestyle. Perhaps the most important, however, is the effect minimalism has on the relationship between experiences and material things. He says:

“Experiences can’t be taken from you. Perhaps the most important reason for getting out there and engaging with the world is that the experiences you gain through your actions can never be taken away from you. Unlike our material possessions, our experiences are inside ourselves, and we can take them with us any place we go. No matter what may happen to us, the experiences are ours to keep.” (Sasaki, goodbye, things, pg. 196) 

This is hugely important to remember. The material possessions pass through our lives and because they never truly belong to us, they can never have as much value as experiences. And, thanks to the portability of Apple’s line of MacBooks, they are the perfect companion as you expand your experiences and minimize your possessions. But don’t forget to protect your MacBook along the way. Getting a simple, lightweight MacBook case to accompany your MacBook will provide increased peace of mind as you won’t have to worry about accidentally scratching the aluminum outer shell. Plus, all of Kuzy’s cases snap on easily, functionally becoming part of your MacBook. A good, minimalist MacBook case doesn’t mean adding another thing to your life, it just means a better MacBook! Later, we’ll share several Kuzy cases that will fit perfectly into a minimalist lifestyle.

Why MacBooks Are So Perfect for Minimalists

From the outset, Apple valued simplicity over everything else. Simplicity of use and simplicity of design. When using a MacBook, especially a modern MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, you don’t have to dig in a tweak a ton of settings to get it just the way you like it. Open it up, and voila, it just works. It does everything you need it to right out of the box. You can think of Apple’s operating system like a well-designed minimalist living room. It doesn’t have a ton of unused junk lying around everywhere. Need to relax from a long day? Just sit on the one neatly kept, comfortable chair. Need to check your email? Just open your Mail App and see what’s there without a thousand distractions.


Another reason why MacBooks are so perfect for minimalists is due to their beautiful and simple design. Minimalism is about clean lines and one or two colors. The aluminium unibody design on the new MacBook Air is a great example – its beauty is achieved thanks to the design’s lack of distractions. When choosing a MacBook case to accompany such pure minimalist design, you might want to consider a clear MacBook case. Kuzy’s clear MacBook Air case is totally without distractions and helps the device’s inherent beauty shine through.

Why You Still Need a MacBook Case, Even if You’re a Minimalist

Unfortunately for minimalists, just because you’ve found your way into a simpler, more satisfying life, that does not mean the rest of the world will follow suit. Consumerism is alive and well, and corporations spend trillions of dollars every year to try to get everyone to think they need more, more, more. If we lived in a perfectly minimalist society where everyone kept things simple, you might not need to protect your MacBook with a MacBook case. But until that day comes, and it probably never will, even minimalists are susceptible to the everyday dangers that can scratch or even damage your pristine MacBook. Kuzy offers several great snap-on MacBook case options for minimalists, and while the design is minimal, the protection is not. Once installed, your MacBook will look great, and you’ll feel great knowing your MacBook case is shielding your device from unwanted dents and scrapes.

Best MacBook Case for Minimalists

Knowing you need a MacBook case, even living a minimalist lifestyle, which one should you get? Our team has scoured the myriad of options and put together a minimalist list of minimalist cases.

Best Minimalist MacBook Pro Case

Kuzy’s rubberized, silicone MacBook Pro case in either white or black is an excellent choice for keeping your life minimal. The simplicity of the case design itself still allows for Apple’s design to shine through, while providing ample protection from scratches, dents, and everyday wear and tear. Both color options allow for full access to every port, and promote cooling for intensive tasks. The frosted/white color is “barely there” while the black version maintains a low profile without being the least bit flashy. If you’re looking for the perfect MacBook Pro case to fit into your minimalist lifestyle, then look no further.


Best Minimalist MacBook Air Case

If you’re looking for the right MacBook Air case to fit into your life and protect your super-light and portable device, Kuzy’s rubberized, silicone MacBook Air case is going to be the best choice. There are two color options we’d recommend to keep things as minimal as possible. As mentioned above, the fully clear case is almost imperceptible. With it’s perfect transparency, snug fit, and incredibly slim profile, this MacBook Air case will protect your device and doesn’t add hardly any bulk. The black option is definitely more visible, but still doesn’t add hardly any weight or thickness to your MacBook Air. Plus, the black color is sleek and refined, and will fit nicely into any minimalist aesthetic. 


Minimized Life, Maximized Protection

Leading a minimal life ultimately leads to a life better lived. You enjoy experiences more and learn the value the things that truly matter. Distractions are minimized, and you can more easily focus on important tasks, whether it’s work you love or just spending quality time with someone you love. Now, it’s time to take your minimalist life to the next level with the best minimalist MacBook Pro case.

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