iMac Full Size Keyboard Covers with Numeric Pad

iMac are among the most popular types of laptops on the market, so it should come as no surprise that numerous iMac keyboard covers have been created to assist you in customizing your iMac to the style that you want. Customization is all the rage nowadays, and getting the look that you desire is easier than ever with our iMac keyboard covers.

If you're looking for a colored cover, then Kuzy is the place to come. We have keyboard covers in various colors, so no matter what type of colored cover you're looking for, we are sure to have the color you want. We have everything from red, blue, purple and pink to metallic colors, rainbow-colored keyboards and even camouflage keyboards.

Our covers are the highest quality available, and they are designed to offer you the same performance as your real keyboard. Essentially, all they do is cover and protect your keyboard without affecting the functionality of your keyboard. You can still type as usual with the same performance. That is, your keys won't stick or be affected by the keyboard.

Not only do our innovative and colorful keyboards provide you with the fashionable and stylish look that you desire, but they also protect your keyboard from spills, dust and other debris. Therefore, not only do they provide you with a colorful pad to work on, but they also help protect it and keep it cleaner. Plus, the really great thing about our keyboard covers is that they are easily washable. If you spilled something on your regular keyboard, you might damage your keyboard or at least have made it difficult to clean it up. With our keyboard cover, you could have potentially avoided disaster and merely have to wash off the keyboard cover.

Applying and removing our keyboard covers is easier than ever with our covers flexible design. Remove a cover and change it to another color easily and quickly with the flexible, easy-to-grasp silicone. Browse our selection of keyboard covers to find one that suits your design style and preferences today. You are sure to find something in our inventory that you like.

iMac Keyboard Covers

Apple A1243 Keyboard Cover with Numeric Keypad & Wire USB
Apple A1243 Keyboard Cover with Numeric Keypad & Wire USB $11.99 $24.99
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Apple A1843 Magic Keyboard Cover with Numeric Keypad Wireless Bluetooth
Apple A1843 Magic Keyboard Cover with Numeric Keypad Wireless Bluetooth $11.99 $24.99
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