Do You Even Need a MacBook Air Keyboard Cover?


There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Apple’s latest MacBook and MacBook Air keyboards. While some people complain about the noise they make as you type on them, there is a more serious potential issue with the super-slim butterfly mechanism keys. It turns out that a lot of people report that if even the smallest speck of dust gets lodged under a key, it can render the entire key unusable.

Since the keyboard is one of the most important components of your MacBook Air, you need to be certain that it stays in the best condition possible. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to use it at all! Plus, in addition to providing protection for your keyboard, getting a MacBook Air keyboard cover has a lot of other advantages. Read on to find out why getting a keyboard cover for your MacBook Air is one of the best things you can do to keep your device looking and working like new.

How Does a MacBook Air Keyboard Cover Work?

Basically, a MacBook Air keyboard cover will put a layer of protection between you (the outside world) and your device’s keyboard (and all the underlying hardware that makes it click-clack away effectively). Unfortunately, Apple’s stock keyboard design leaves small crevices between the keys and the aluminum top casing – these crevices are the ideal place for lint, debris, and dust to get trapped. Once something finds its way into your keyboard’s mechanism, it’s very hard to remove it. Sometimes canned air can get it out, but it’s not always on hand – and worse, there are certain cases where canned air will just serve to lodge the debris further under the keys. And there’s the rub. If you leave something stuck under the keys of your keyboard for very long, the chance of it causing lasting damage to your MacBook Air only continues to increase.

What’s great about a keyboard cover is that it makes it almost impossible for something to get trapped underneath your keys. The silicone material used to make a MacBook Air keyboard cover is water (and even air) proof, leaving no chance that a piece of dust finds its way underneath your space bar. Can you imagine not being able to type spaces in between words with your brand new MacBook Air keyboard? That’s one of the reasons why getting a MacBook Air keyboard cover is such a good idea.

Plus, if something gets so stuck that you can’t get it out and have to get your keyboard repaired, it can really cost you. Not just money, but time as well. Apple keyboard repairs can take several business days and Apple does not offer any kind of loaner program. If you end up needing to service your MacBook Air for any reason, you’ll have to hand it over and make do without it for however long it takes Apple to ship it out, repair it, and ship it back. It’s much easier and cheaper to protect yourself with a MacBook Air keyboard cover now!

Other Benefits of Getting a MacBook Air Keyboard Cover


Stand Out from the Crowd

Another benefit to getting a MacBook Air keyboard cover is one that is purely aesthetic. As you probably know, even though you can get the MacBook Air in three different color choices, all Apple products essentially look the same. Aluminum frame with a black keyboard. It’s pretty, but rather utilitarian and doesn’t match everyone’s personal style! Kuzy MacBook Air keyboard covers come in tons of different colors and designs, allowing you to customize your MacBook Air even without adding a case. Add a touch of personal style and help yourself stand out in a sea of silver and black – get a custom keyboard cover!

A Quieter Keyboard is a Better Keyboard

There’s no denying it, Apple’s new keyboards are loud. Go into a crowded coffee shop and you’ll be hit with surround sound clicking and clacking from every direction. Open plan offices are the same thing – tons of people all working away on their MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs, keyboard clicks as some kind of intrusive proof to everyone around them that they are getting work done (or at least typing something!). But even if the sound doesn’t bother you, it can be irritating for others around you. And here’s another benefit of applying a MacBook Air keyboard cover to your Air: it will be quieter. Not only does the silicone material act as a barrier, protecting your keyboard from dust and debris, it also acts as a sound insulator, effectively muffling the loud click-clack that is now commonly associated with new MacBooks and MacBook Airs.

Protection Without Sacrificing Thinness

One of the best things about a Kuzy MacBook Air keyboard cover is that it protects your keyboard and your device’s internals without adding any bulk. The main selling feature that sets the MacBook Air apart from other laptops and even other Apple computers is just how incredibly thin it is. When it first came out, people were blown away by how such a great computer could come in such a small package. And the newest 2018 MacBook Air somehow manages to be even thinner, smaller, and lighter than the first! The last thing you want to do when getting accessories for your MacBook Air is get anything that would add any bulk to the device. A MacBook Air keyboard cover is going to be so thin, that you won’t even know it’s there. Plus, the lid still closes completely flush, leaving you with a device as svelte as the day you bought it!

Keyboard Covers Are Much Easier to Keep Clean

Cleaning your MacBook Air keyboard can be a pain. And since the keyboard is constantly being touched with your fingers, it’s actually one of the dirtiest parts of a computer. Because a silicone MacBook Air keyboard cover is easily removable, you can just take it off and soak it in soapy water to fully disinfect it. It’s an easy and thorough way to ensure that your new MacBook Air stays germ-free.

So, Who Even Needs a MacBook Air Keyboard Cover?

To put it succinctly, everyone who owns a MacBook Air needs a MacBook Air keyboard cover. If you’re like most people who own a MacBook Air, one of the main reasons you bought it is for the portability. It’s a laptop that you can easily take with you wherever you go. And while that is wonderful for your productivity, it also increases the chances that something is going to spill on your keyboard or a piece of lint is going to get lodged under one of the keys. You should feel comfortable and confident to use your new MacBook Air as much as you want! Don’t let the fear of ruining your keyboard get in the way of creating something great. Protect your device and your peace of mind with a MacBook Air keyboard cover.

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