How to Get the Most Out of Your MacBook Pro Case (and Life)


Getting the most out of life is an ambitious goal. Lots of people know they want a better work/life balance, but don’t know how to achieve it. Creating shortcuts to find that balance is key to starting to get the most out of life, and one place to start is getting the most out of your MacBook Pro case. There are lots of cases to choose from out there, and this guide will walk through how to get the most out of your MacBook Pro case, and your life.

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Are You Unhappy with Your New MacBook’s Keyboard? A Macbook Keyboard Cover Could Help


Most people hate the redesigned the keyboards on Apple’s latest MacBook and MacBook Pro models. Whether it’s the noise they make or the fact that a single piece of dust can render your computer useless, the Mac community did not respond well to the redesign. Thankfully, there are ways to make the new “butterfly switch” keyboards better. In this guide, we’ll show you how a MacBook keyboard cover can actually help.

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Kuzy Redesigns MacBook Air Case for Apple’s Latest Release


It’s true. Apple finally came out with a new MacBook Air, refreshing one of the oldest designs they still sold “new.” It’s thinner, lighter, has a better screen, and Kuzy has completely redesigned their MacBook Air case offering to match Apple’s new model. Staying true to their strict design and durability standards, Kuzy’s new MacBook Air product line will feature a new 13 inch MacBook Air Case, keyboard cover and screen protector – each one literally the perfect fit for this brand new device from Apple.

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What's the Best Apple Keyboard Cover If You Use Your MacBook Every Day?


A lot of creatives and professionals choose a MacBook as their primary creation tool because they are the perfect combination of power, portability, and style. But if you use your MacBook every day, what kind of Apple keyboard cover will protect your device’s keyboard from daily dangers like spills and dust? This guide covers which MacBook keyboard cover will provide the best overall protection for your keyboard.

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Apple Confirmed Thermal Issue with MacBook Pro; Even More Reason Why You Need the Best MacBook Pro Case


After Apple confirmed their 2018 MacBook Pros shipped with a known thermal throttling issue, what can you do to protect yourself and your MacBook Pro? Apple addresses the problem with a software fix, but does their solution go far enough? This guide discusses Apple’s solution to fix the issue and also covers how getting the right MacBook Pro case possibly goes one step further to help the fix.

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10 Benefits of a Rubberized MacBook Pro Case


With so many different kinds of cases out there, it’s hard to know which MacBook Pro case will be right for you. This guide covers the essential benefits of a rubberized case, which is one of the most common types of cases. Find out if a rubberized MacBook Pro case will provide the kind of protection, style, and flexibility that you need to match your lifestyle.  

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How Effective is a Hard Shell MacBook Air Case for Travelers?


Traveling means making a ton of decisions. Which flight is the cheapest? Which hotel is the best deal for the money? But even with all those choices, traveling shouldn’t have to be stressful. Use this guide to find peace of mind about at least one thing: Is a hard shell MacBook Air case going to effectively protect your MacBook Air when you travel?

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