Are You a Minimalist? This is The Best MacBook Case for You

macbook pro case

Part of the appeal of minimalism is that it flies directly in the face of consumerism, allowing people to simplify their lives and focus on whatever is most essential. As you start getting rid of your things, it’s important to embrace minimalism in every aspect of your life – even your tech. After a lot of searching, we’ve compiled a list of the best MacBook case options for every minimalist.  

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New Year, New You: Best MacBook Accessories to Look for in 2019


Every year we make resolutions we can’t keep because they’re too vague: lose more weight, save more money. But, when it comes to your MacBook, this guide will help you make some resolutions you can actually keep. Here are the best accessories for your MacBook, from a MacBook Air case, to a MacBook screen protector, to the software you need to make your Mac run smoother in 2019.

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Kuzy Redesigns MacBook Air Case for Apple’s Latest Release


It’s true. Apple finally came out with a new MacBook Air, refreshing one of the oldest designs they still sold “new.” It’s thinner, lighter, has a better screen, and Kuzy has completely redesigned their MacBook Air case offering to match Apple’s new model. Staying true to their strict design and durability standards, Kuzy’s new MacBook Air product line will feature a new 13 inch MacBook Air Case, keyboard cover and screen protector – each one literally the perfect fit for this brand new device from Apple.

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How Effective is a Hard Shell MacBook Air Case for Travelers?


Traveling means making a ton of decisions. Which flight is the cheapest? Which hotel is the best deal for the money? But even with all those choices, traveling shouldn’t have to be stressful. Use this guide to find peace of mind about at least one thing: Is a hard shell MacBook Air case going to effectively protect your MacBook Air when you travel?

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College 101: MacBook Air & Other Must-Haves for School


Use this guide to navigate the do’s and don’ts of prepping for your first year of college. Not sure which MacBook Air case to buy? Not sure if you need to pack an extra set of sheets (spoiler, you do)? This guide will answer all the questions you have about what to bring with you when you start school and how to start off on the right foot.

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MacBook Air Case and 8 Other Important Things to Know About Your Device

The top priority of any MacBook Air owner is to keep their laptop safe and running as smoothly as possible. Whether you are a student starting your college adventure, a dedicated professional trying to launch a small business or a grandparent hoping to stay connected to your family around the world, a major part of your success is a fully functional, lightweight, powerful MacBook Air.

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