New Year, New You: Best MacBook Accessories to Look for in 2019


Each new year brings with it new and more ambitious resolutions. Last year, at the beginning of 2018, the three most common New Year’s resolutions were: eat healthier, exercise more, and save more money ( This guide isn’t concerned with any of your standard resolutions. Because, whether you plan on picking one of most common ones (nothing wrong with that, they’re all admirable!), focusing on a specific goal in your life, or not making any resolutions at all, there’s one thing you can definitely achieve in 2019: and that’s getting the best MacBook accessories out there. If you’re going for an entirely new look with a new MacBook Air case, stepping up your protection game with a MacBook screen protector, or getting a MacBook Pro case that’ll make you come across as a true professional, Kuzy has something for you.

Here are the top MacBook accessories for 2019:

  • MacBook Air case
  • MacBook screen protector
  • MacBook Pro case
  • MacBook Air keyboard cover
  • MacBook Air screen protector
  • MacBook keyboard cover
  • MacBook Pro keyboard cover

Everyday Protection for Every Single Day in 2019 

Hard shell cases are the perfect companion for any MacBook user. If you’re thinking about getting a new hard shell MacBook Air case, you’re on the right track. They provide ample protection against scratches and dents and add hardly any bulk. One of the biggest selling points for the MacBook Air is how much computing power Apple managed to fit in such a small and light computer. Weighing just 2.75 pounds and only 0.61 inches thick (at its thickest point), they are some of the most portable computers on the market. You wouldn’t want to ruin Apple’s remarkable engineering and design feat by getting a MacBook Air case that adds a bunch a bulk. Hard shell cases are mere millimeters thick but provide the kind of everyday protection you’re looking for. They snap on with ease and once installed, you’ll never have to worry about scratching the aluminum with a set of keys in your bag or denting the bottom frame if you set your MacBook Air down on an uneven surface.

Plus, hard shell cases never stop working. One of the best things about getting a hard shell MacBook Air case is that once they’re installed you don’t have to remove and replace the case. The hard shell case stays attached to your MacBook Air, allowing for peace of mind in the new year. No matter where you decide to work on your MacBook Air – at a coffee shop, on the beach – you can take it with you knowing it won’t get new scratches every time you pull it in and out of your bag. When comparing a hard shell case to something like a sleeve, the latter is much more likely to rip or break. Plus, once you remove your MacBook Air from its sleeve, the sleeve stops protecting your device! Unlike a sleeve, a hard shell MacBook Air case never quits. 

Change Your Look

The new year is the perfect opportunity to try out a new style, and a new MacBook Air case is the perfect place to showcase it. Think about adding a new color into your old rotation, or a new pattern to your repertoire. Since you take your MacBook with you practically everywhere you go, the color, pattern, and material you choose for your case is almost as important as having the right hairstyle! Picking something with a fun pattern and bright colors might be perfect for a new look you’re trying out this year. Or, go more muted and professional with a dark blue or black leatherette MacBook Air case. We’ve all got style icons and looks we wish we could pull off. It’s 2019! The time is now! No matter what you’ve been wanting to add or try with your style, think about how your MacBook accessories can help you achieve it. 

A New Start for the New Year

If you’ve had the same MacBook or MacBook Air case for years, and it’s comfortable and familiar, it’s time to change it up! This is the perfect opportunity to refresh your device. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than getting a new MacBook! We’ve all been there. The MacBook you have is a year or two old, but works fine – works great, even. It does everything you need it to do. But wait, Apple just released a newer, better version! Now you feel like you need a new computer! All of the sudden, you’re itching for the newest, latest tech. Well, hold your horses because here’s some advice that might save you a few hundred bucks. Try refreshing your MacBook with a new MacBook or MacBook Air case before throwing down the dough for a brand-new computer. Who knows? A new pink hard shell case might be all you really need to make your MacBook feel new to you.

Outside-In vs. Inside-Out 


While a MacBook Air case is arguably the best external accessory you can add to your MacBook for 2019, there’s also a lot of great software you can install to make your Mac better. The new year offers a fresh perspective on the things we really need in our lives, and MacPaw CleanMyMac X is the deep-cleaning version of that for your Mac. It scrubs every inch of your MacBook and finds unused and unnecessary files so you can spend your free time this January at your new group-cycling class. Once you find and remove all that unnecessary digital junk, it’ll be like having a brand new MacBook for 2019.

More Mac Accessories to Complete Your Life

There’s more than one way to protect your Mac in 2019. If you want to go a step further than a standard MacBook Air case or MacBook Pro case, you can up your protection game with a MacBook screen protector. Screen protectors are an excellent addition to any MacBook because they protect the most important part of your device. The screen displays all your most valuable work, from the big presentation you’ve been working on, to the thesis paper you’ve started, to the poster you’re designing for your friend’s band. One of the best ways to keep your MacBook looking and functioning like new is to install a screen protector. Plus, Kuzy’s screen protectors are easy to install and come with step-by-step instructions for a quick and painless application. 

Start the Year Off Right

No matter what your resolutions are for 2019, science shows that we are more likely to keep them the more specific they are. Vague goals like losing weight are difficult to see through if you don’t also define the specific steps you’re going to take to achieve them. When it comes to your MacBook in the new year, getting the right accessories makes it easy to make your MacBook better. You can add some much needed protection with a new MacBook Air case or screen protector, speed up performance with new software, or even try out a new style with a color or patterned case that will make you stand out from the crowd. Most importantly, if you don’t have a case at all yet, you can give yourself the peace of mind of everyday protection with a new Kuzy MacBook Air case.

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