10 Benefits of a Rubberized MacBook Pro Case


So you want to get yourself the best MacBook Pro case out there. With so many cases to choose from, how do you know which is going to be the right case for you and your lifestyle? Whether you need a MacBook Pro 13 case or a MacBook Pro 15 case, this guide covers 10 important benefits of one of the most common types of MacBook Pro cases – the rubberized (or silicone) case.

The Extra Grip

Let’s be honest, as beautiful as MacBook Pros are, these things are slippery! One of the main advantages of getting a rubberized MacBook Pro case is the extra grip it provides when handling your MacBook Pro on a day-to-day basis. The sleek design and all aluminum casing that Apple has become famous for looks and feels great – but it can also be dangerous. The last thing you want to happen is to have your new MacBook Pro slip out of your hands as you’re simply taking it out of your bag. With the addition of a rubberized MacBook Pro case, you get the extra grip necessary to handle your MacBook Pro with confidence.

Continued Ease-of-Use

One of the amazing things about a rubberized MacBook Pro case is the fact that it provides extra grip while also improving feel. The finish is soft and silky to the touch, which many people prefer over the cold, hard aluminum finish of the MacBook Pro. One reason why there is such an advantage to going the route of a rubberized case is the fact that you can still easily slide your MacBook Pro in and out of bags and carrying cases. Don’t let the term “rubberized” scare you. They’re not actually made of rubber. Rubber is way too sticky! If a case was made out of actual rubber, you would probably struggle to even pull it out of your bag! Like most rubberized cases, Kuzy’s Rubberized MacBook Pro cases are manufactured using a silicone material that allows for some of the benefits of a rubber type material (added grip) while still making sure you can use and transport your MacBook Pro as you otherwise would.

Everyday Protection

One of the most obvious benefits of getting a rubberized MacBook Pro case is the added layer of protection it provides. If you’re like most people, you use your MacBook Pro every single day. And thanks to its svelte profile, they are easy to take with you everywhere you go. But this can also spell disaster when it comes to scratches, nicks, and dents – whether it’s a set of keys in your bag, or even setting your MacBook Pro down on a rough, uneven work surface. A rubberized case snaps on and stays on, so no matter where you are, you know your MacBook Pro is protected against everyday wear and tear.

No Extra Bulk

Rubberized cases are also perfectly suited to the MacBook Pro’s thin frame. Because the rubberized MacBook Pro case is manufactured using a durable, silicone material, they add protection without adding hardly any bulk. They are thin, strong, and perfectly fitted to each individual model, depending on your specific MacBook Pro. In fact, good rubberized cases are so light, you might not even notice you have a case on your MacBook Pro as you carry it around with you.

Installing the Case Won’t Scratch Your MacBook Pro

Another great thing about getting a rubberized silicone case versus a hardshell case is that you won’t have to worry about the case itself scratching your MacBook Pro. The rubberized finish on a silicone case is forgiving, which means that any small dust particles trapped between your MacBook Pro and its case won’t damage the aluminum finish. If a piece of dust or lint gets trapped during the case’s installation process, cases without a soft-touch finish might cause the particle to scratch the finish of your MacBook Pro. If you’re the kind of person who likes to ensure that your electronics stay in pristine, like-new condition, then a rubberized MacBook Pro case might be the exact right case for you.

Easy On, Easy Off

Thanks to a combination of great design, precision manufacturing, and the unique silicone material they’re made with, rubberized MacBook Pro cases are also especially easy to install. Once you’ve selected the correct case for your specific MacBook Pro model, installation is a snap – literally! The cases come in two separate pieces and snap right on to the top and bottom halves of your MacBook Pro. The special rubberized finish ensures the case stays snug on your MacBook, but also allows just enough give to make the case just as easy to remove as it was to install. This is important for keeping your MacBook Pro and case clean. With cases that are harder to take on and off, dust particles and lint can get trapped underneath the case. You also want to be careful with any type of moisture around your MacBook Pro. With a rubberized MacBook Pro case, it’s easy and safe to remove the case and wipe it down with a damp cloth or cleaner on a regular basis.

No Slip and Slide Typing

While MacBook Pros are designed with small rubber feet already on the bottom casing, the feet can get worn down or even fall off with extended use. If this has happened to you before, you know how frustrating it can be when you’re just trying to type something and your MacBook slowly inches away across the table and out of reach. With a rubberized MacBook Pro case, you can ensure that your MacBook Pro stays put as you type away thanks to the extra grippy feet that come standard with every Kuzy rubberized case. Whether you have a brand new MacBook Pro and you’re looking to extend the life of its stock rubber feet, or you have an older MacBook Pro with rubber feet on their last leg – a rubberized case is the way to go since it will keep your MacBook Pro from sliding around as you type.

Access to All Ports (Yes, Even the Ones You Don’t Use)


If you’re using the latest MacBook Pro, you know full well that USB-C ports aren’t nearly as versatile and universal as Apple may have envisioned them to be. But, while Apple may have jumped the gun on the wider tech industry’s acceptance of USB-C accessories and peripherals, with a good rubberized MacBook Pro case you can be certain you’ll have access to all your ports – no matter how useful they are. Kuzy’s rubberized MacBook Pro cases are even designed to account for vents and fan exhausts, which is critical to keeping your MacBook Pro running as cool and efficient as possible. Did we mention that a rubberized case even provides an extra layer of cooling because it acts like a thin layer of insulation?

That Extra Layer of Cooling

Anyone who’s used a MacBook Pro before (or any laptop for that matter!) knows that they can get very hot after extended use. All of that processing power creates a lot of heat, and if you’re working on the go it can be very uncomfortable to set a hot MacBook Pro directly onto your lap. An often overlooked benefit of a rubberized MacBook Pro case is the additional layer of cooling it provides. And even though they’re thin, you’d be amazed at how effective adding even just one layer between you and your MacBook Pro can be. Plus, since they are designed to accommodate all the vents and cooling hardware, your MacBook Pro will still run as efficiently as ever while being cooler to the touch.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Any MacBook Pro user knows that looks matter. MacBook Pros are arguably the most beautiful laptops on the market today. So why would you want to cover up all that expensive design with a silly case? Well, rubberized MacBook Pro cases come in so many different colors and finishes that if you’ve spent any time building out your own aesthetic, you’ll actually appreciate how the different levels of customization available in rubberized cases can enhance the appearance of your MacBook Pro. Many are even transparent enough where the Apple logo will still show through the case. Don’t be a sheep that just follows the rest with a plain old aluminum MacBook Pro. Add a pop of color or a cool design to match your MacBook Pro case with the rest of your accessories.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you know all the reasons why rubberized cases are such a good choice for everyday protection, enhanced functionality, and showcasing your personal style, what are you waiting for? Now’s the fun part. Pick out the rubberized MacBook Pro case that’s right for you.

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