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All the way up through October of 2018, Apple was still selling its second-generation MacBook Air – a device originally released in 2011. 2011! Seven years (and 17 iPhones) later, we as a society have become accustomed to tech release cycles that get shorter and shorter every year. So how did Apple get away with it? Though they did update some of the processors, hard drives and memory along the way, barring these internal upgrades, the MacBook Air didn’t change whatsoever over the course of seven whole years.


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On one hand, it speaks to Apple designing a very successful product. The MacBook Air has long been one of the most portable computers on the market. It was also Apple’s least expensive MacBook. Its size and relatively low cost made it the go-to choice for many college students and creatives looking to buy their first Mac. On the other hand, the MacBook Air was long overdue for a redesign, and now we finally got one. Let’s take a look at the updated design and technical specifications and also dig into the changes Kuzy is going to make to the 13 inch MacBook Air case – one of the MacBook Air’s most popular companions.

The New MacBook Air

Finally, Apple has upgraded one of its most popular devices with a worthy replacement. The new MacBook Air is all around lighter, thinner, and more powerful than the previous generation MacBook Air, and now comes standard with a new beautiful Retina Display. One of the biggest drawbacks of the previous generation MacBook Air was the lower resolution screen. Over the course of the seven years since the last MacBook Air in 2011, Apple upgraded the screens of its entire MacBook lineup – each getting their own Retina display. (The term Retina just means that the screens have a very high resolution. The pixels are so dense that it is impossible to discern individual pixels from a normal viewing distance.) The screen on the new MacBook Air remains 13.3” in size, but the resolution increases to 2560-by-1600 at 227 pixels per inch. Apple also shrank the bezels around the screen by 50% and redesigned them to the now ubiquitous black glass that falls in line with the rest of their current MacBook lineup. And while the screen’s size didn’t change, Kuzy will redesign its MacBook Air case to match the smaller overall footprint of the device – thanks to the smaller screen bezels.


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In addition to an upgraded screen, the new MacBook Air now comes with the latest, third-generation butterfly keyboard and a larger trackpad powered by Force Touch. The keyboard also features a Touch ID fingerprint sensor for quick and secure logins thanks to Apple’s proprietary T2 security chip. And though the MacBook Air shares many of the same design cues as the current Macbook Pro, its slim tapered profile gets carried over and unmistakably says Macbook Air. Apple managed to keep the character of the MacBook Air that we’ve come to know and love, all while reducing its weight to a super-portable 2.75lbs (down from 2.96lbs). And for ports, (if you were hoping for more ports, you’re going to be disappointed) Apple continued its move toward USB-C, offering just two USB-C ports and one headphone jack on the new MacBook Air. Kuzy’s new 13 inch MacBook Air case accounts for the updates Apple made to the MacBook Air’s ports, ensuring full access to all ports with the case snapped on.

Additionally, the new MacBook Air comes with upgraded stereo speakers which are up to 25% louder than the previous model. The speaker grills are now visible on either side of the keyboard and produce clearer sound than before. With Kuzy’s new MacBook Air case, the speakers will be fully exposed, allowing their increased volume to be experienced even with the case installed.

Internal specs have also been upgraded. The MacBook Air now features a 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, with Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz. The least expensive model comes standard with 128GB of solid-state storage and 8GB of RAM. Those figures are both configurable up to 1.5TB of storage and 16GB of RAM, respectively. Plus, Kuzy’s new MacBook Air case will be fully ventilated so you can enjoy your new Mac’s power no matter how crazy you go spec’ing it out.


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Finally, one of the coolest things about the new MacBook Air’s new design is the fact that its enclosure is now made from 100% recycled aluminum. And while Apple has made its MacBook enclosures out of aluminum for years now, this is the first time the company is using 100% recycled aluminum. (Recycled aluminum doesn’t mean scratch-proof aluminum, unfortunately. So, even with the new material, Kuzy still recommends using a MacBook Air case to protect your new device from everyday wear and tear.) As global warming continues to threaten the future of our planet, big tech companies are finally starting to respond to consumers concerned about reducing waste and protecting the environment. Apple hopes this move to use 100% recycled aluminum will encourage environmentally conscious customers to consider a product’s environmental impact in addition to its convenience and the advantages of its MacOS operating system.

Additional Product Announcements from Apple

In addition to announcing the new MacBook Air, Apple also released a new Mac Mini (which hasn’t seen a significant redesign since 2010!), upgrading internals to the latest Intel processors. They also updated the Mac Mini’s connectivity options, adding four USB-C/Thunderbolt ports alongside an HDMI port, two USB-A ports, and a Gigabit ethernet port. You can also upgrade the new Mac Mini’s memory and storage, to up to 64GB of RAM and 2TB of solid-state storage. The physical dimensions and overall design of the new Mac Mini remain unchanged, but it now comes standard in Apple’s darker “Space Gray” aluminum finish.

Kuzy’s Redesigned 13 Inch MacBook Air Case

Here at Kuzy, there’s a huge amount of company-wide excitement whenever Apple announces a new MacBook. We’re obviously all Apple geeks. We love Apple products and most of us use multiple Apple devices on a daily basis. But more than that, when Apple redesigns one of its most popular devices, we get to work on a full lineup of new Kuzy products to match – and that’s what keeps us going! Our new 13 inch MacBook Air case will make the perfect companion for the new MacBook Air. It will be slim, durable, and will provide full access to the new keyboard and all the new ports. Plus, the new MacBook Air case will come in all the colors and designs you’ve come to love from Kuzy.

Our product designers are moving quickly to design, render and test our brand new MacBook Air case in order to ensure it will fit the new MacBook Air perfectly while living up to our strict quality standards. On the current timeline, the new MacBook Air case will be ready for the beginning of December, making it the perfect gift for the coming holiday season.

Kuzy’s All New MacBook Air Product Line

In addition to an all-new MacBook Air case, our team of product designers are also in the process of developing a full range of new accessories for the redesigned MacBook Air. Our lineup will feature the 13 inch MacBook Air case, a new keyboard cover, plus an all-new screen protector. Since the screen and keyboard are both entirely new on the redesigned MacBook Air, previous versions of our keyboard covers and screen protectors won’t fit properly. In order to ensure your new MacBook Air gets the best accessories possible, stay tuned for the release of our new MacBook Air keyboard cover and screen protector.

It’s an exciting time when Apple releases a fresh design on an old classic. The new MacBook Air retains everything we loved about the previous model but moves it into 2018 with a sleeker design, better screen, and smaller overall footprint. If you’re thinking about upgrading to the new MacBook Air and want to get the perfect case to match, follow here for updates on the release of Kuzy’s new MacBook Air case and accessories.

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Kristi Shimon
Kristi Shimon

March 22, 2020

We ordered 2 Kuzy MacBook Air 13 inch crystal clear covers and they don’t fit the MacBook Air 13 model A1466 – they are to small for the laptop / not sure if the footprint has changed or any suggestions would be great – thanks for help.

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