How Effective is a Hard Shell MacBook Air Case for Travelers?


For frequent travelers, the MacBook Air makes the perfect travel companion. It has the processing power of a modern MacBook all contained within a lightweight and super portable package. Whether you’re taking a month-long vacation through Europe or just venturing out of the city for a weekend retreat in the mountains, your MacBook Air slides easily into backpacks and bags without adding hardly any weight.

That portability can pose an issue, however. Without the right protection, your MacBook Air is susceptible to damage. Every time you repack a bag or pull out your MacBook Air to work on a bus, train, or plane, it has the potential to get scratched – or even worse, dropped. With all the cases out there, finding protection for your MacBook Air that matches your travel habits can seem like a daunting task. One of the most common case solutions is a hard shell MacBook Air case. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how effective using a hard shell case will be for your MacBook Air while traveling.

Packing Your MacBook Air

One thing that makes hard shell cases great for travel is that they provide a good level of protection but don’t add a lot of bulk. This makes them exceptionally easy to pack. Any seasoned traveler knows that packing light is essential. Efficient packing goes a long way – especially on long trips where every ounce you decide to bring along counts. The MacBook Air is already one of the lightest and most portable laptops on the market. It’s possible you chose the MacBook Air for precisely this reason. Now that you're thinking about adding protection, you’ll want to be sure whichever solution you choose to protect your MacBook Air doesn’t add too much bulk or weight.

Unlike some carrying cases and bags, a hardshell MacBook Air case won’t add additional bulk as you’re packing. Plus, depending on your packing style, you might end up packing your MacBook Air in the same suitcase as your clothes. The last thing you want after a long flight is to pull out your MacBook Air to find that a metal button or rivet scratched the aluminum surface of your MacBook Air in transit.  A hardshell MacBook Air case is definitely effective in helping you travel confidently – knowing you won’t unpack to a nasty scratch or even a dent on your MacBook Air.

Effectively Showcase Your Style while traveling

One of the biggest advantages of getting a hard shell case in the first place – outside of the added protection – is the opportunity to showcase your personal style everywhere you travel. While Apple has become well known for its sleek lines and minimalist design, a lot of people have personal aesthetics that call for something more intricate or interesting. Don’t put your personal style on hold just because you’re traveling! Add a pop of color to your ensemble with a rubberized hard shell MacBook Air case. Traveling for business? Make sure everyone in the hotel bar knows you mean business as you sip a martini and crush a spreadsheet with a leatherette case. You can even bring along a piece of home with a print design hard shell case.

Using Your MacBook Air on the Go

One advantage to choosing a hard shell case over something like a sleeve is that in many scenarios, especially travel scenarios, the hard shell MacBook Air case provides ample protection on its own – eliminating the need for an additional carrying case or bag. Since hard shell cases attach directly to the MacBook Air, you also won’t have to think about bringing yet another thing along with you on your trip.

Picking the Right Hard Shell Case

In some cases, the effectiveness of a hard shell MacBook Air case will depend on the type of hard shell case you choose. Hard shell cases come in several different finishes. As you choose the right hardshell MacBook Air case for you, make sure it matches your personal travel style. There are three main types of hard shell cases: Regular, Rubberized, and Leatherette.

Rubberized and Leatherette Vs. Regular Hard Shell Cases

How do you know which type of hard shell case will be right for you and your travel style? While each type of hard shell case provides the same level of protection against everyday wear and tear during travel, there are some main differences between them. Will you be carrying your MacBook Air to and from the beach? Are you more of an urban traveler who loves checking out all the coffee shops and bakeries that a city has to offer?

If you’re the type of traveler who regularly carries your MacBook Air in your hands, even for short distances, you should consider getting a hard shell MacBook Air case with a more textured finish. The most effective options for you would be a rubberized or leatherette hardshell case. The reason being simply that a hard shell case with more texture is easier to hold onto.

On the other hand, if you’re the type of traveler who carries your MacBook Air in a small backpack or carrying bag, you might want to opt for a regular hard shell case. The regular hard shell MacBook Air case provides the protection of a hard shell case while retaining the sleek and stylish look that Apple has become famous for.

Around the Clock Protection

Hard shell cases never quit. One of the best and often overlooked things about a hardshell MacBook Air case is that once installed you don’t have to remove and replace the case. The hardshell case stays attached to the MacBook Air, allowing for consistent peace of mind. With a whole host of things that can go wrong on a trip, it’s important to set and forget as many things as possible. When comparing a hardshell case to something like a sleeve, the latter is much more likely to rip or break in transit. And while you never have to think about your hardshell case once it’s installed, it never stops working.

If you want to go one step further in protecting your MacBook Air while you travel, you should also consider two key protection accessories in addition to a hard shell MacBook Air case. The first is a MacBook Air keyboard cover. A must if you use your MacBook in coffee shops or bars, a keyboard cover is an inexpensive essential that protects your keyboard – one of the most important components of your MacBook – against accidental spills. The second is a MacBook Air screen protector. Make sure to get one that’s easy to install, like this one from Kuzy, and you can travel with even more confidence knowing your screen is fully protected.

Effective Protection No Matter How You Travel

Seasoned travelers know that traveling shouldn’t have to be stressful. One of the best ways to travel stress-free is knowing that all of your valuables are fully protected – especially your MacBook Air. As we covered in the guide, getting a hard shell MacBook Air case is one of the most effective (and stylish) ways to achieve that peace of mind. Before embarking on your next journey, make sure to pick the right MacBook Air case for you.

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