MacBook Air Case and 8 Other Important Things to Know About Your Device

The top priority of any MacBook Air owner is to keep their laptop safe and running as smoothly as possible. Whether you are a student starting your college adventure, a dedicated professional trying to launch a small business or a grandparent hoping to stay connected to your family around the world, a major part of your success is a fully functional, lightweight, powerful MacBook Air.

Browse the right MacBook Air case and other important tips

Use A MacBook Air Case

The first step to ensuring that your laptop performs at its highest level is buying a MacBook Air case. Because Apple designed the MacBook Air for owners who are on-the-go, it is always at a greater risk of getting dropped, dented or scratched. That’s why a case is so crucial — and why we made sure our MacBook Air cases were thoughtfully designed every step of the way.

We knew that we couldn’t make a MacBook Air case that added any substantial weight or prevented users from accessing the important features of the laptop. We also knew that we wanted to offer more creative designs and styles to fit each user’s unique personality. What we came up with was a wide range of high-quality MacBook Air cases that anyone can use.

Our most popular line is the MacBook Air rubberized hard cases. Besides being our most colorful line, the feature people love most is the soft and smooth grip the case offers. The texture of the case allows you to easily slip your laptop in and out of your bag when you’re headed to your next class or meeting location.

We also offer a MacBook Air leatherette case that is a huge hit with people who prefer a more classic style. The leather gives you a stronger grip so you can confidently walk through busy coffee shops or office hallways without worry that you might drop your laptop at the slightest bump.

We also offer a line of MacBook Air hard cases that are the most traditional kind of laptop case we carry. We made sure to keep a minimalist design without compromising full protection for your laptop. All cases give you access to every USB port, headphone jack and other important features like your laptop fan. We believe the MacBook Air case should only be an accessory to the main event — the power of your MacBook Air.

Keep a MacBook Air Keyboard Cover Close

A high performing MacBook Air goes beyond covering it with a case. There are other important steps you can take to ensure that it’s clean and working properly. Probably the most obvious (but widely ignored) tip is to never eat around your laptop.

We know this is basically impossible for most of us. We use our laptops for far more than just work. We want to FaceTime with our friends or stream our favorite shows and movies. Many of the ways we use our laptop involve hours in front of the screen with snacks on hand even though we know it’s not a good idea. But there is a solution if you simply cannot help but eat around your laptop. Just slip a MacBook Air keyboard cover on your keyboard to stop crumbs and spills before they damage the important inner workings of your laptop.

Backup Your Data

Read top MacBook Air cases, keyboard covers and tips.

And while we’re on the topic of the inner workings of your laptop — always backup your hard drive as often as possible. Protecting the outside maybe be as simple as putting a new MacBook Air case on it, but the core of your computer is a much different story.  

As sophisticated and reliable as Apple products (and the Cloud) are, there is always a risk of crashing. Protect yourself by making a habit of backing up your data as often as possible. As an added bonus, this also helps clear space so that your MacBook Air can run quickly and efficiently. Experts suggest a daily backup, but we know that can be unrealistic for some. The most important thing is to pick a routine that works for you and stick to it. Your memories, hard work, and personal information depend on it!

Make Your Battery Last

After you’ve put on your MacBook Air case and chosen a keyboard cover to keep it safe from any food and drink, the next tip for a long lasting laptop is the life of your battery. Working on-the-go means that you’re not always directly next to a power source, so you want to make sure that you have a battery that can keep up with your hours.

The easiest and quickest way to save some battery is to dim your screen as much as possible without straining your eyes. More than privacy, it allows your computer to use more of the battery’s power for the applications and programs you need while you work.  And speaking of the myriad of programs available on your MacBook Air — the fewer you run at the same time, the longer your battery will last for you. As hard as it may be for you to close all those extra tabs you’ve been saving for months, it really helps your computer’s memory, performance and battery life.

Launch The Right Apps

We’ve all been there. You get yourself ready to work, pick the right location, the comfiest chair and login to your MacBook Air only to find your Spotify app open and ready to distract you. Now it’s twenty minutes later and you haven’t started on your proposal. You might have created an awesome playlist, but you weren’t as efficient with your time as you had hoped.  

Set yourself up for success by dictating which applications can open up on your computer and when.

Search for the System Preferences on your MacBook Air, click on Users & Groups and then Login Items. You’ll see a list of applications with checkboxes next to them. Click the ones you definitely want to launch whenever you start your computer and uncheck the ones you don’t. This will help your MacBook Air load faster from the start and keep you focused on your next task.

Use MacBook Air Keyboard Shortcuts

An efficient MacBook Air goes beyond just the hardware and the applications. Apple developers spent hours and hours making sure that their laptops were the most convenient and efficient for people who need to do a lot with limited time. A few of the shortcuts they programmed into the keyboard come in handy whether you use your laptop for work or for your personal life.

One of our favorites is pushing control + command + spacebar at once. Give it a try! A list of every possible emoji should pop up on your screen. Add all your favorites into any document, chat, post or email to bring your communication alive quickly and conveniently.

A more practical command includes the fn + F5 combination for when you’re trying to find a specific word but you don’t quite know what it is. Hit those two buttons on your MacBook Air keyboard and you will start to see a few suggested terms (similar to the predictive text function on your iPhone).

You can also quickly look up a word you come across by hitting command + control + d on your keyboard. This is particularly helpful if you’re prone to distraction. Don’t worry about opening up a new tab and risk going to YouTube instead of Just highlight the word, hit command + control + d and keep reading with a brand new vocabulary word!

More MacBook Air Productivity Tips

One of the most underutilized tools the MacBook Air offers is the ability to record whatever is on your screen. We all know about screenshots, which take a still photo of whatever is on your screen. But you can go beyond a still image with the QuickTime Player application that comes standard with all Apple laptops. Just launch the app, click on File then select New Screen Recording. You’ll be able to record your entire screen or just a small portion for as long as you’d like.

This is most helpful when you are streaming a live lecture you want to take notes from or when you’re making an important announcement to family and friends and want to remember their reaction forever. Keep everything saved to watch over and over again with this quick MacBook Air tip.

And finally, stop wasting time and paper by printing important documents to sign. Just use an electronic signature in Preview, an application that comes with all MacBook Air laptops. The program lets you trace a signature with your finger on your trackpad and keep it saved so you have quick access to your official signature whenever you need it.

When efficiency and time management are your top priorities, it’s helpful to have these tips at your disposal. Obviously, there are hundreds more and we’re all learning with each software update, but these are the top tips we have for keeping your MacBook Air the powerful laptop it is designed to be.

Take your first step by checking out a MacBook Air case here! Easily browse through the wide variety of color choices, designs and styles. You can even pick up a couple options if you want to keep your MacBook Air looking fresh and exciting.

Don’t forget to share these tips with your friends or find us on Facebook and Instagram to tell us your favorite MacBook Air tips! We are always excited to learn more!

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