Should I get a MacBook Pro Screen Protector for My MacBook Air?

Unboxing a MacBook Air is always a special event. The packaging and the product itself both have an exceptional quality that is unmistakable. You know immediately that hours of thoughtful design and careful planning went into its creation. That instant excitement for and trust in your laptop is what we strive to duplicate with our MacBook Air screen protectors.

Witness the difference between a regular Mac screen protector and one designed specifically for your MacBook Air.

For the casual shopper, it might not be obvious why our team would spend countless hours developing a single Apple screen protector — let alone dozens of unique options. Afterall, one screen protector should work for every screen, right? We don’t think so.

Our team understands that Apple customers have a keen eye for detail. People who prefer MacBooks are trained to quickly distinguish quality products from ones that were simply thrown together. And those are the customers we want. We knew that if we were going to create MacBook Air screen protectors, they needed to be perfect. That meant scrapping the one-size-fits-all Apple screen protector mentality.

Each screen size for each device needed its own screen protector. So, if you’re wondering whether it’s ok to purchase a MacBook Pro screen protector when you own a MacBook Air, the short answer is no way. Don’t waste your money. But there is so much more to the story. Let us explain.

The Importance of a MacBook Air Screen Protector

A Mac screen protector is not usually the first thing people think of when they look for products to protect their laptop. Most search MacBook Air case, choose one they like and leave it at that. The problem is the most vulnerable parts of our laptops aren’t covered by a case. Cases do help the exterior, particularly if you’re someone who works in several locations and carries your laptop with you every day. But the keyboard and the screen are much less durable than the outside of your MacBook Air (or even your MacBook Pro), so you need additional protection to keep them safe.

Much like your smartphone, when you ruin the screen of your laptop, it’s basically useless. You might be able to get some tasks done, but a significant portion of your MacBook Air screen is black and pixelated. You’re going to have a hard time getting the most out of your device if you can’t see what you’re doing.

Even if you are certain that you will never drop your MacBook Air, there are still risks to your screen when your laptop is closed. For example, if you store your laptop in a backpack that also holds journals, books and other objects, chances are when you open your laptop again, you’ve noticed a faint outline of your keyboard imprinted on your screen. Those heavy objects in your bag squish your laptop against your back and close the space between the screen and the keyboard. It happens to everyone, but more frequently to people who don’t have a case to hold the form of their MacBook Air. It may not sound detrimental, but you’re risking tiny scratches all over your screen every day — even when your laptop is put away. All of that wear and tear can be avoided with a MacBook Air screen protector.

Beyond keeping your MacBook Air screen protected, adding a screen protector offers long-term benefits for you as well. We all live in a time where screens are inescapable. We switch from scrolling through our phones to working long hours on our computers to binge-watching entire seasons of shows on the TV. Our eyes are strained all day, every day. Our Apple screen protectors can’t prevent this damage, but they do help remove the harsh glare you get from unprotected screens. Any barrier between your eyes and the damaging light of your screen is helpful.

What to Look For In A MacBook Air Screen Protector

Pick the perfect size MacBook Air screen protector for your laptop and keep it safe forever.

After you decide that your MacBook Air deserves a screen protector, you have to decide the kind that you want. Much like deciding between a MacBook Pro and a MacBook Air, the differences may be subtle but they are very important.

The first quality you want from a MacBook Air screen protector is that it fits your screen like a glove. Too many manufacturers provide a single solution to every device available. Most companies don’t see the need to distinguish between a Mac or PC screen protector, much less between sizes of screens or types of devices. We see things differently.

Each Apple screen protector we offer is designed specifically for your screen. That means we have a Mac screen protector for each size of the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac. We have MacBook Pro screen protectors designed for Touch Bars or Retina Display. We even have MacBook Pro screen protectors for your laptop with a DVD drive. No matter which size or model you have, we have a screen protector for it.

Another important consideration is how you want your Apple screen protector to function. Do you want it to be a clear barrier that is barely noticeable when you’re working? Or are you looking for a screen protector that is more obvious, but stops any harsh glare on your screen? There are benefits and drawbacks of both options, but no matter which side of the fence you fall on, we’ve got a Mac screen protector for you.

Lastly, you want your MacBook Air screen protector to fit seamlessly with your laptop. Some MacBook Air screen protectors are too thick for your laptop to shut properly. Some consumers might assume that a thicker film means more protection for your screen, but all it really means is your laptop is never truly shut and therefore more likely to get damaged. You’ll find that our Apple screen protectors are slim and allow for the full functionality of your laptop. It’s like they were meant to fit your Mac.

Applying Your MacBook Air Screen Protector

Good design doesn’t just mean function for our development team. What good is an impeccable product if you can’t use it easily after you buy it?

We noticed that other MacBook Air screen protectors are often frustrating to apply. Without the proper tools on hand, users end up with a screen protector that is crooked and full of distracting air bubbles. It takes away from the aesthetic of your laptop and, more importantly, makes it harder to use. And forget trying to remove and reapply the screen protector. It’s impossible.

Each of our Apple screen protectors come with detailed instructions on the best way to apply your screen protector. We also include tools to ensure the first application attempt is a perfect one. On top of your Mac screen protector, you’ll receive tape to remove any dust or particles currently on your screen. Then you’ll use the included microfiber cloth to wipe your screen and ensure it’s flawless. Lastly, you’ll smooth your Mac screen protector with the hard card we provide you to eliminate air bubbles.

No frustration, no residual dust or smudges. Just a beautiful, clear anti-glare MacBook Air screen.

Additional MacBook Air Accessories

There’s nothing like the thrill of working on a Mac when it is performing at its peak. The only way anyone can make that feeling last is by protecting their laptop every way they can. We’re certain that once you experience the benefits of a MacBook Air screen protector, you’ll want to invest in other ways to protect your laptop. The first thing we recommend is a keyboard cover.

Like we mentioned before, the most severe damage that can be done to your laptop happens when it is open. Just like your screen, your keyboard collects dust and food particles that can ruin it. Crumbs or spills that get under the keys and into the core of your MacBook Air can be fatal to its function. We recommend browsing our selection of colorful, sleek keyboard covers to add to your laptop. Unlike the Apple screen protectors, keyboard covers are quick and painless to put on and take off, so you can pick up a couple options to change with your mood!

And, of course, we offer a full range of laptop cases for your Mac. We offer cases in a variety of designs, materials and sizes. If you prefer a traditional hard case, we have more than a dozen colors to choose from. Anyone who wants a softer cover for their laptop would enjoy our rubberized cases. They feel smooth to the touch, plus the rubber works to absorb the shock for your laptop any time it is dropped. You’ll also find a leather MacBook case that many people choose for their work computer. The texture of the leather gives you a stronger grip, making it easier to pull your laptop in and out of your bag. Plus who doesn’t feel more powerful giving a presentation with a leather case on their laptop?

Individually, a perfectly sized MacBook Air screen protector will keep your screen as good as new. But when you combine it with a case and a keyboard cover, you can transform your laptop to be almost indestructible. Our team is working hard every day to make sure of it.

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