9 Signs You Need a MacBook Keyboard Cover


No matter how old you are or how you qualify “being an adult,” there are still a ton of reasons why you might need a MacBook keyboard cover to protect your MacBook and its keyboard. There has been a lot of coverage in tech blogs on the new MacBook keyboards, but no matter your opinion on the low-travel keys, certain personalities are definitely more inclined to ruin a keyboard than others. Take a read below to see if you display any of these tell-tale signs that you need a MacBook keyboard cover.

You, Like a Real Adult, Eat In Your Bed


Meal-planning is hard. It’s something that all “adults” strive for – think about how many different meal-planning subscription services are out there! But no matter how well you plan for dinner, if you’re like the rest of us, every once in a while you end up eating a meal in bed. Hey! It’s okay. We’ve all been there. (Get out of work late, it’s been a rough day so you head to the bar with a couple colleagues before happy hour ends – then, before you know, it’s 11:30. You say your quick goodbyes and Uber home, remembering you forgot to eat dinner as Katy Perry’s “Firework” plays on your Uber driver’s curated “Wednesday Late-Nite” playlist. Finally home, you slap together a PB&J, climb into bed, and throw up some reruns of the “Great British Bake Off” on Netflix.)

So if, like the rest of us, you periodically enjoy a crumbly sandwich in bed, you should get yourself a MacBook keyboard cover to protect your Netflix machine from a crumb disaster.

Spilling a Drink Comes More Naturally to You than Drinking It

Sure, drinks are supposed to be enjoyed via the mouth. If that’s the case, then why are cups so precarious?? Things fall over! Hello!? Gravity anyone?

We get it. Keeping liquid inside of cups can be an insurmountable challenge (not insurmountable like climbing-Mount-Everest-insurmountable, but insurmountable in its own way). If you’re the kind of person who even periodically spills your drink, it’s a sign you need a MacBook keyboard cover. Water damage can ruin your MacBook, and the keyboard is one of the most likely points-of-entry.

The Last Time You Dusted, a Bush Was President

Can we talk about dusting for a second? Sure it can “reduce allergens” which can “irritate your nose, throat, and eyes” and even “cause wheezing and a stuffy nose.” But, has anyone ever tried it!? Yuck! It’s hard and it makes your hands feel gross. Which is why some people don’t do it a lot. And while that is okay, dust particles can be the kryptonite to your MacBook’s Superman (the keyboard). Dust particles can easily get lodged underneath the keys, making them difficult to press, or even stop working altogether. So if you’re someone who doesn’t dust all the time (and who does?!) then it’s time to seriously consider getting a MacBook keyboard cover.  

"Fine Motor Skills" Might as Well Be a Foreign Language

Even as early as elementary school art class, kids are separated into two distinct groups: “good fine motor skills” and “bad fine motor skills.” If you’re someone who was lucky enough to be born with the dexterity and concentration to maneuver tiny paint brushes and use superglue without a trip to the emergency room, then good for you. Your miniature doll collection is probably immaculate. But, for some of us, the gift of subtle movement has evaded us for our entire lives. For some of us, we pound our keyboards and crush our packs of gum. C’est la vie. But the first step to fixing a problem is identifying you have one, (and while it’s not a problem) if you are constantly wreaking havoc on your MacBook keyboard, it’s probably time to buy a MacBook keyboard cover. With a cover you are less likely to damage the keyboard with, shall we say, heavier-than-average use.

All Your Vases Are Plastic

Yes, you have vases. Yes, you have succulents. Yes, your apartment is a West Elm ad. We get it. But you’re also someone who knows themselves well enough to know that the way flowy sleeves swing through your hallway, those vases better be plastic because they’re falling to the floor weekly. If that sounds like you, you already know that the only thing worse than breaking a vase on your exposed hardwood floor is breaking a vase onto your MacBook Pro (even if you have a MacBook Pro cover). Vintage ceramic is strong, but like your spirit, it still has the capacity to crack into tiny pieces. And, just like vintage pop is prone to getting stuck in your head when you don’t want it (“Surfin’ USA” – sorry), shattered vintage ceramic is prone to getting stuck under the keys of your keyboard. So no matter what kind of vases you have, do yourself a favor and get a MacBook keyboard cover to protect your MacBook from vases, the Beach Boys and the casualties of those dangerously flowy sleeves.

You Tell Your Friends Your Walls Are Bare Because You're a Minimalist (But That's Not Why)

Minimalism is IN. Simplify your life and simplify your mind. The fewer things you have, the more time you can spend focusing on what really matters most, your passion! These are all very compelling lines about why you’ve chosen to keep the walls of your home as barren as the south pole. But let’s be honest, your walls are bare for an entirely different reason – they’re bare because anything you hang on them, you inevitably end up knocking off. Over the years there have been many casualties: framed family photos, that subtle but chic West Elm candle holder, mirrors! But one thing is certain, you’ve knocked over enough wall candles to know the only thing wall candles get you is unwanted floor wax. Do yourself a favor, protect one of your most expensive possessions, and get a MacBook keyboard cover.

No, You Can't Be "Contained"

This one is a little harder to pin down, but for those of you can’t be contained, you know who you are. Life is about the journey, you march to the beat of your own drum, and when everyone else is ready to leave for the party to get there on time, you’ve just started putting on your makeup (and you certainly haven’t picked out your shoes). For you, life is an artisanal cocktail – it might take a little longer to get and it’s full of ingredients people can’t pronounce, but in the end you take a sip and say to yourself, “Ah, yes. This is going on my Instagram.” The flowers in your hair aren’t ironic, you actually didn’t even mean for them to be there in the first place! You probably accidentally brushed your head against a garden wall... but everyone has to admit, they look effortless and they look good. If this sounds like you, if your dresses are billowy and your sandals are flat, if your hats were originally meant for dads and your sunglasses rest all the way out on the edge of your nose, then it’s a sure sign that you’re in need of a MacBook keyboard cover.

You Believe in Coloring Outside the Boundaries of Lines (and Eating Food Outside the Boundaries of Plates)

Boundaries are limiting, it’s part of their definition. Are you the kind of person who doesn’t believe in boundaries? As a kid did you pick the brightest crayons and color outside the lines? When you fix yourself a bowl of mac and cheese as a late night snack, does some of it inevitably end up on your shirt? Are you great in a brainstorm? While type-A people might scoff at you, more than anything it means you’re a true dreamer (which is something that can’t be taught, even at business school). It also means you might need a MacBook keyboard cover to protect your MacBook from yummy, drippy cheese.

If MacBooks Weren’t So Flat, You Wouldn’t Use Yours as a Table

We’ve all been there. You’re already in bed when inspiration strikes… Coral nails! That’s what you’ve been missing in your life – nails that are bright, almost pink, not quite orange, and a color everyone will compliment. The kind of coral your crush will notice when you post your new nails to your Instagram story. So, you open up your MacBook, throw on a new episode of The Great British Bake Off, and bust out the brightest coral you have stashed in your nail polish drawer. You unscrew the top, dip in the brush, dab off the sides and, as if second nature, set the bottle on lip of your MacBook while you apply the perfect first coat.

What happens next will either be a close call or an absolute nightmare. Paul Hollywood says something snarky to a contestant mid-bake, you turn to your computer to tell him to “shove off,” and BAM! The bottle of nail polish slow-motion falls from sitting upright to laying horizontal. Have you already ordered and installed your MacBook keyboard cover? Phew, that was a close call. Oh, you haven’t yet? In that case the perfect coral polish spills onto your keyboard, slipping into your MacBook’s underlying hardware instead of getting your crush to slip into your Instagram DMs.

But in All Seriousness

If you've gotten water damage before, frequently each lunch at your computer, or generally use your MacBook as part of your everyday life, it is significantly more cost-effective to get a MacBook keyboard cover than it is to replace your keyboard. Pick a keyboard cover that fits your MacBook, matches your style, and lets you keep living your best life (whatever that means to you).

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