A Guide to Choosing the Right MacBook Pro Case


MacBook Pro Cases Should Provide Ample Everyday Protection

For most people, the most important thing to take into account when choosing MacBook Pro cases is protection. If you’re thinking about buying a MacBook Pro 13 case or a MacBook Pro 15 case, you need to think about how much protection it will provide. It’s common to carry a MacBook with you inside of a backpack or tote, but think about everything else you keep inside your bag. A loose set of keys or even a binder can put a permanent scratch on your pristine MacBook. You just spent how much on a brand new, beautiful MacBook Pro? The last thing you want is to ruin it with a scratch! The main job of the case you choose should be protecting it from everyday wear and tear. Without the right case, your MacBook Pro is prone to all kinds of scratches and dings.

MacBook Pros have an all-aluminum body and an extra portable design. These two features make it the perfect computer for someone who values style and is always on the go. But MacBook Pros without the right MacBook Pro cases can be a real problem! Think about this scenario: you are someone who travels a lot, someone who lives in a city, or even just someone who needs to have their MacBook with them at any moment – maybe you work in design or another creative field where your MacBook is an integral part of your workflow. Does this sound like you? Given the MacBook Pro’s power, portability and style, it’s perfect for creatives, designers, and developers. But, unfortunately, its portability also makes it even more prone to everyday wear and tear. If you’re constantly pulling your MacBook Pro in and out of your bag to show off your latest design or a new presentation pitch deck without the right case, you are opening up your MacBook to all kinds of potential scrapes or scratches. And if getting the job done depends on it, a scratched up computer doesn’t make a good impression. That’s why having the right case is so important. But with so many MacBook Pro cases out there, how can you be sure you’re getting the right one?

Kuzy offers many different MacBook Pro cases that provide ample protection from everyday wear and tear, ensuring your MacBook Pro looks as good as you do.

MacBook Pro Cases Should Showcase Your Style

Everyone loves how sleek and beautiful MacBook Pros are. Clean lines, a slim profile, an all-aluminum body. They are gorgeous computers. But let’s face it, the design is generic. Walk into a coffee shop in any city and your eyes are met with a field of Apple logos staring back at you from the back of a MacBook or MacBook Pro screen. MacBook Pro cases are the perfect opportunity to give your MacBook Pro a dose of your personal flare! With the right MacBook Pro case you can stand out in a coffee shop amongst the crowd and liven up an otherwise uniform co-working space!

The Right Color

When you’re choosing from the endless sea of MacBook Pro cases available out there, one of the main things to consider is the color of the case. What color best suits your style? It’s becoming more and more common in the tech world for people to simplify their wardrobes. Steve Jobs is probably most well-known for this, famously wearing a black turtleneck every day of the week. According to him, it helped him focus on innovation and his work since he didn’t have to use any of his brain power on picking out his clothes. If Steve Jobs were choosing a MacBook Pro case, this black case would be a great choice, fitting perfectly into his straightforward aesthetic.

But maybe your wardrobe is way more colorful than that! If you’re closet is full of blues, oranges, yellows, greens (or whatever!) you’d be better off choosing from one of these colorful MacBook Pro cases to accentuate your style.

The Right Materials

Now, there are other ways to use your MacBook Pro case to show off your style, especially if you are someone who expresses your style through some nuance. If your style is characterized by subtlety and class, choosing a leather case might be the right route for you. MacBook Pro cases come in all different materials. Going with a leather case like this one would communicate to potential clients and future collaborators that you’re classy and put together. A leather case gives off a more upscale vibe. If MacBook Pro cases were drinks you ordered from a bar, this option would be the scotch served neat. First of all, it shows that you know what you’re doing (in that you’ve got a case on your MacBook Pro in the first place). Secondly, and here’s where this case really comes into play, you’re doing it with class.

The Right Design

While monochrome outfits are in right now, that’s not a good reason to choose a solid color case if your personal style yearns for something more exciting. If you’re a fan of patterns and textures, Kuzy has a case that will help you express yourself. If a solid color case isn’t right for you, you should be on the lookout for the perfect pattern while sorting through all the various MacBook Pro cases out there. Maybe you want your case to communicate to the world that you’re colorful and creative all in addition to being stylish and hardworking – in that scenario, a solid color case might not be the right fit. When you combine several different colors and patterns onto a single case, like this Kuzy rubberized case does, you get the best of both worlds.

There are even patterned case options if your style is more classic and refined. That’s the beauty of going with a pattern case. If you choose the right pattern, your case can even showcase a classic style. It might seem counterintuitive to say that MacBook Pro cases can be classically stylish, given the fact that they are used with something as modern and sleek as an Apple computer, but this Lace print case from Kuzy does just that. Everyday protection that is wrapped in an aesthetic that is as beautiful, classy, and refined as you are.

The Right Functionality


Functionality may be the most important consideration of all. When choosing MacBook Pro cases, you must – must, must, must! – be certain that the case you end up buying allows you to access all of the ports and connections on your MacBook. What’s the point in buying a case if it doesn’t let you utilize all the functionality built into your MacBook Pro?! Let’s put it this way. Even if you found the coolest, cheapest t-shirt in the world, you wouldn’t buy it if it didn’t have a hole cut out for your head! That’s what it would be like if you bought a case that didn’t have the correct cutouts or properly snug fit and finish. Kuzy prides itself in only offering MacBook Pro cases that are properly tested to make sure every single case provides complete and unhindered access to your MacBook.

MacBook Pro Cases Should Fit Your Lifestyle

This one seems kind of obvious, but it can get overlooked by some people when shopping for a new case. No matter how obvious it seems, the truth is that different lifestyles match specific types of MacBook Pro cases. So, what kind of MacBook Pro case is right for your lifestyle?

A Crystal Hard Case

A Crystal Hard Case is the perfect case for every scenario. If you are someone who needs a solid, all-around practical choice for a case – something that is right for nearly any scenario – then a Crystal Hard Case is probably the best choice for you. When it comes to MacBook Pro cases, this kind of case is going to provide the everyday protection you need to keep your MacBook Pro free from scratches and dings in almost every situation. It adds minimum bulk and can also add a pop of color to your MacBook Pro.

A Rubberized Case

A Rubberized Case, on the other hand, provides even more grip (for those of us who might be a little clumsy). Let’s face it. A lot of us are prone to dropping our devices, be it a phone or a tablet, or even a MacBook. It’s 2018 and we lead hectic lives. And, unfortunately, sometimes our devices end up paying for it with scratches and dings resulting from a drop. If you are shopping for MacBook Pro cases and you’re someone already inclined to drop your device, a rubberized case might be perfect for you with the extra grip it provides.

A Leatherette Case

A Leatherette Case is the right choice for a burgeoning or seasoned professional. Choosing from all the available MacBook Pro cases out there is tough, but If you are looking for the functionality and protection of a Kuzy case and also want the class of a leather-like finish, then you should consider the Leatherette Case. They are sophisticated and soft to the touch and still protect from everyday wear and tear.

Now It’s Time to Choose the Right MacBook Pro Case

You’ve done the research, now it’s time to start browsing cases. Think about which is going to provide the protection and functionality you need, while helping you express your personal style, however subtle or loud it may be. Whatever kind of case you decide on, you’re certain to find a MacBook Pro case that will suit you and your lifestyle.

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