Leather Sleeve


Protect Your Investment with MacBook Sleeves

Your computer is your livelihood and connection to the outside world. Whether you use your laptop for staying in touch with family, completing work or school assignments, or just surfing the web, you want to protect that device as much as possible. Even the low end MacBook computers can set you back $1,000 or more, but with our MacBook sleeves, you can better protect your investment.


Lead a Busy Life?

With dozens of things on your plate, you don't have time to struggle with large bags and covers. You need to open your case, grab your computer, and slide it out with one hand. Our MacBook bags feature a simple design with a single button on top. That button keeps your computer from slipping out and possibly hitting the ground, but you'll find that you can unhook and open our MacBook sleeves with just one hand. You can save time and energy putting your MacBook away and getting it out later.


Great Protection

Our Chevron MacBook sleeves use a thick piece of fleece in its construction. If you ever wore fleece pajamas or used fleece sheets on your bed, you know that fleece is incredibly soft and comfortable. When used in MacBook bags, the fleece protects your computer from scratches and other types of damage. As an added bonus, we use fleece all over the interior of our MacBook sleeves to cover all areas of your computer. That fleece can also block out dust and other environmental dangers.