Kuzy Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Microfiber Keyboard Cover Cloth

PREMIUM-QUALITY DESIGNER MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTH Size 11.5ÌÒ x 7.8 inch - MacBook Pro Keyboard Cover and Screen Protection with microfiber cloth. You should take comfort in finding the best quality microfiber cleaning cloth in this all-purpose dry microfiber cleaning cloth that completely removes dust, fingerprints, dirt, and oil smudges on all your delicate surfaces without having to worry about scratching or scuffing them

TOTAL MICROFIBER CLOTH ANTIBACTERIAL EFFICIENCY Unlike its cotton counterpart, the Kuzy microfiber cleaning cloth absorbent properties helps you get rid of dust, dirt, oil, grease, and stains in one swipe, giving you that peaceful feeling of keeping your family away from bacteria, germs, and other harmful elements on your surfaces at home

MADE FROM OPTICAL-GRADE MICROFIBER CLOTH MATERIAL This high quality microfiber cleaning cloth from Kuzy is your ideal for MacBook Screen cleaner and home cleaning partner with its durability guaranteed from being made from the finest microfiber materials through state-of-the-art manufacturing, specially engineered with a uniquely fused saw tooth edge to prevent fraying

TESTED CLEANING CLOTH 100% SAFE FOR DELICATE SURFACES The best microfiber cleaning cloths reviews you will read for this Kuzy innovation is its ultra-soft and lint-free composition making it ideally safe and effective to use even on your expensive valuables, including your MacBook, glasses, crystals, jewelry, your camera lenses, telescopes and other delicate optics

MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTHS ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY You don̥t only get the best value with this MacBook cleaning cloth of microfiber, you also make an enormous contribution to helping the environment as you no longer have to use soaps, solutions, and other harmful microfiber cloth cleaning detergent that can potentially pollute the environment

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