MacBook Pro 13.3" with Retina Display A1502 / A1425 Leatherette Hard Case


— Great fit for MacBook Pro 13" with Retina Display 
— Case give your MacBook a smooth, leatherette finish that easily slips in and out your bag while retaining a grippy edge for your peace of mind. 
— Allows you access to all your important plugs and drives while highlighting the unique & rich look of your MacBook 
— Durable hard Top and Bottom Covers for maximum protection to Protect your MacBook from scrapes and scratches 
— Case Design lets you Open/Close your MacBook all the way and Access to all Ports, USB, Thunderbolt, SD Card, Power, Audio Out. 
— Lightweight and ultra-thin: great for travel, work, or school 
— Fully vented for safe heat disbursement from your MacBook 
— Gorgeous case with simple lines: the perfect companion for your MacBook


Compatible with:
MacBook Pro 13.3" with Retina Display
Model: A1502
Newest Release 2014

Release 2013
ME864LL/A, ME865LL/A, ME866LL/A

and Release October 2012
Model: A1425
MD212LL/A, MD213LL/A, ME662LL/A ME664LL/A

Case NOT Compatible with
— MacBook Pro 13-Inch Older Version with Regular Glossy Display
— MacBook White 13-Inch
— MacBook Air 13-Inch



Leatherette Hard Case for MacBook Pro 13.3” with Retina Display Models A1502 and A1425

Apple's MacBook is not a cheap investment. This device is priced higher than many computer brands out there. Regardless of the cost, it is already known that laptops, including MacBooks, are sensitive to scratches and bumps and need protection. That is why a hard shell case like our MacBook Pro Leatherette case becomes a necessity when you own a MacBook.

When you invest in a MacBook Pro, it is important that you protect it from damage or scratches. Not only is 13.3” MacBook Pro a beautiful computer but powerful as well. Elegantly designed with aluminum frame, backlit keyboard and glass touch keys, this device is worth protecting. Like any investment, it needs to be protected with the best and most reliable resources available. Whatever type of laptop case you choose, make sure that the case is strong enough to be able to protect your computer from any damaging forces.

One way to ensure that your 13.3” MacBook Pro stays in top condition is to get a MacBook Pro hard case. Treat your MacBook Pro like you treat anything expensive—with pride and value. Keep it clean, and make sure it remains dust and dirt free. Many people seem to ignore small particles of dust that appear on their computer. Clean off the surfaces and close the lid when it is not in use.

Get your MacBook a quality, protective case like a MacBook Pro 13.3-inch Retina Display Hard Case. Most people understand the benefits of having quality accessories for protecting their laptops and computers, including MacBooks. Common sense keeps your MacBook, laptop or computer clean and safe, but a good case, screen protector and keyboard protector give you assurance that your MacBook is well protected.

Kuzy is a company that sells computer accessories, which include attractive cases, classy keyboard protectors, appealing screen protectors and high quality sleeves for MacBook computers. MacBook Pro 13.3” Retina Display Hard Case is one of the most popular MacBook Pro accessories. Browse the available selections, and check out the various accessories that are suitable for your device.

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