MacBook Pro 16 inch TPU Keyboard Cover 2019 Release A2141 with Touch Bar

Kuzy - New MacBook Pro 16 inch Keyboard Cover with Touch Bar

MacBook Keyboard Cover Designed for
MacBook Pro 16 inch with Touch Bar Model A2141, New Release in November 2019

Kuzy keyboard cover16 inch MacBook Pro protector has been specially engineered to lie flush
and adhere to MacBook Pro low-profile keyboards, yet still provide a natural typing experience
and advanced protection.
Incredibly easy to install and uninstall, simply lift off the protector.
The durability of the keyboard cover skin keeps the Apple MacBook Pro 16 inch screen looking
professional for even longer. Essentially, all they do is cover and protect your keyboard without
affecting the functionality of your MacBook Pro keyboard.

We give your 16 inch MacBook Pro Keyboard Cover Beauty and Brawn.
Full protection against spills, dust, hair, key wear and more
Made out of durable and high elastic TPU material
Extra slim skin material for a natural typing experience
Highly transparent so the backlight can still be seen
Washable keyboard protector for dirt and spillages
Soft durable ultra-thin material to ensure comfortable usage while typing
Manufactured to the Highest Quality Premium Material

Customers keep coming back to Kuzy Keyboard Covers for our flawless Apple design aesthetic - available at a fraction of the cost.

Compatible ONLY with:
MacBook Pro 16 inch with Touch ID
Model: A2141
Release 2019

Not Compatible
MacBook Air 13 inch
MacBook Pro 13 & 15 inch
MacBook 12 inches
MacBook Pro with Glossy Display
and other Laptop computer brands

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