Crystal Clear Hard Case for 12-inch MacBook

Kuzy High Quality Crystal Series Hard Case for MacBook 12-inch with Retina Display

Kuzy carry a wide variety of MacBook accessories. You will want to get something that is protective as well as pleasing to the eye. MacBook 12-inch Crystal case products have popular graphics and designs, which allow you to match your computer accessories with your personality.
You will love how our MacBook 12-inch Crystal case feels when you're holding your MacBook. It's smooth but still provides a good grip on the MacBook for your peace of mind. You will be delighted with our MacBook 12-inch Crystal case products.

Great fit for MacBook 12"" with Retina Display
No cut out design, Apple Logo Seen through the case
Hard Plastic Case with Crystal texture over Top and Bottom Covers for Silky-smooth soft-touch
Case Design lets you Open/Close your MacBook all the way and Access to all Ports
Material: Polycarbonate

Compatible with:

MacBook 12"" with Retina Display

Model: A1534
Newest Release 2017

Release 2016

Release 2015
MF855LL/A, MF865LL/A

Case NOT Compatible with
MacBook Pro 13.3"" with Retina Display
MacBook Pro 13-Inch Older Version with Regular Glossy Display
MacBook White 13-Inch
MacBook Air 13-Inch

* Apple MacBook are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. Products are Apple compatible and not endorsed by Apple, Inc."

Are you searching for the right case for your 12"MacBook Pro? There are many computer cases and accessories out there, including cases for this type of MacBook Pro. A great case is one that provides excellent protection of your computer. You need a case that provides protection from dents and scratches and that can be locked and secured. When choosing a computer or laptop case to protect your device, you need to know what makes a great case.

The fundamentals of a quality case begin with elegant design. It is important to look for a design that gives you total access and the functionality you need. It is also important to consider how polished and pulled together the case looks. A MacBook Pro 12" Retina Display Rubberized case has an appealing design that makes your MacBook Pro look even better. It's slim, not bulky, and it's lightweight for better portability. This beautiful case makes using your MacBook on the road easy as well as gives you the convenience of using your computer from any location.

When talking about what makes a great case, the MacBook Pro 12"" Retina Display Rubberized case comes to mind. This case offers you many color options, and you can choose a color that matches your MacBook with your personality. It's clean and uncluttered and will transform your device to something that can be completely customized. This case meets all the criteria of a great case, and is available from Kuzy.

Kuzy is a company that sells expertly designed cases, high-quality keyboard protectors, attractive screen protectors and properly-fitted sleeves for MacBook devices. The design and engineering of the MacBook Pro 12" Retina Display Rubberized case gives you the protection, portability, functionality and great looks you will need in a computer case. You will certainly appreciate how this case feels in your hand, the stunning colors available to choose from, and the ability to customize and personalized the look of your 12"í«ÌÎ_MacBook Pro.

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