MacBook Keyboard Covers

A MacBook is an expensive purchase, there’s no question about that. But, because most of us can’t regularly complete our work or connect to our family and friends without one, it’s an easy decision to make the investment.

Almost immediately after a MacBook is purchased, new owners start to think of ways to keep their laptops protected. They buy a hard case that prevents damage from dings, drops and spills. They purchase  special bags with a dedicated laptop pocket. And they make sure to keep it away from children with sticky fingers.

People rarely think to buy a MacBook Keyboard Cover.  They assume that since the keyboard is inside it’s safe from all the regular threats to the exterior.

Think about the way you use your laptop most. It’s open when you’re working through lunch, when you’re binge watching the new season of your favorite show or when you’re streaming music for hours while you clean the house. Without a MacBook keyboard cover, the keyboard is exposed to dust, food and spills almost constantly.

Does a keyboard cover really make that much of a difference?

Our answer is a very enthusiastic yes!  (Would we really make an entire line of MacBook keyboard covers if we didn’t think so?)

The first major reason to buy a MacBook keyboard cover is the easy maintenance. Keeping your laptop clean is almost impossible without some kind of keyboard cover. Try as you might to carefully sweep debris from between the keys, inevitably some particles will slip through the cracks, under the keys making them useless. And you can forget about safely cleaning up any kind of spill on your keyboard.

Our MacBook keyboard covers are made from a flexible silicone material so they can be removed quickly as soon as a spill happens. You can run them under water then dry them with any kind of cloth without worrying that you’ll just make the keyboard dirtier.

Our keyboard covers also provide an extra pop of color to your MacBook that you can’t get with the standard black MacBook keyboard. Sure, there’s no real technological advantage to that, but we think expressing your personal style is something that should always be encouraged.

Each MacBook keyboard cover is sized specifically to fit your laptop. Whether you have an old keyboard or one of the newer iterations, we have an option for you. Take a look at the different color and design choices!

Don’t worry if there’s more than one MacBook keyboard cover you love. We made them easy to remove so you can swap out  designs as often as you want!

You can even grab a couple of covers to match your MacBook Case! We offer over a dozen color options in our three major case types. Choose a classic crystal hard case that keeps everything simple. Or pick up a rubberized hard case that gives you a superior hold on your favorite gadget. You can’t go wrong with our more chic leather case — you’re guaranteed to look like a professional even if you don’t feel like it!


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Keyboard Cover for MacBook Pro 13" & 15" w/ Touch-Bar (all Colors)
Keyboard Cover for MacBook Pro 13" & 15" w/ Touch-Bar (all Colors) $14.99 $24.99
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