Best MacBook Pro Cases for Artists & Showing Off Your Personality


“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

– Rachel Zoe

Style is singular. Style is unique. The power of style lives in the fact that every person gets the opportunity to develop their own. Style can be big or style can be small. It can be as big and bold as color blocking, or it can come down to something as simple and small as your accessories – like your MacBook Pro case. No matter how you define it, if your personal style is important to you, then you’ll want to make sure to express it down to every last detail. That’s why finding the right MacBook Pro cases to showcase that style is so important, especially if you are an artist or work in a creative field.

MacBook Pros are such versatile and powerful devices, they’re now used in almost all creative and professional work scenarios. And in a sea that’s stylistically dominated by clean lines and cold metallic designs, picking the right case from the wide array of available style-forward MacBook Pro cases will allow you to stand out from the crowd – all while showcasing your personal style as a creator! Don’t let all the options deter you. This guide will walk through all the best MacBook Pro cases for artists, designers, and even just showing off your personality!

Go Big With Color

When picking from the seemingly endless choices of Macbook Pro cases out there, one of the main things to think about is the color of the case. Which color is going to best showcase your style? One of the simplest and most straightforward ways to make a deliberate stylistic statement is to choose a MacBook Pro case that comes in a solid, bright color. Maybe your outfits feature lots of blacks and whites – simple and understated. You can add a surprising pop of color with a bright mint or pink case, for example. Or, you could keep everything in sync with your black and white color aesthetic and get a solid black or white case. Sometimes the strongest choices are the simplest ones




Alternatively, maybe your wardrobe is full of bright colors and patterns and you want to use your MacBook Pro case to provide some contrast to an otherwise busy aesthetic. Kuzy has a huge selection of solid-color MacBook Pro cases to choose from – so, no matter what your aesthetic is, you’re certain to find the color you’re looking for to complement your style.

A Case to Match Your Influences

Instead of matching your MacBook Pro case to your personal aesthetic, another way to think about accessorizing in sync with your style is to match your case to your style influences. For whatever reason, if you’re more drawn patterns and textures, Kuzy has a case that will help you express yourself. If a solid color case doesn’t feel right, you should shop for a pattern that reflects what inspires you while looking through all the Macbook Pro cases out there.

“Why change? Everyone has his own style. When you have found it, you should stick to it.”

– Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is right, once you’ve found your style, why should you try to change it? Find the colors, patterns, and accessories that enhance and accentuate your well-developed style.  


Something Bold and Geometric

Macbook Pros are beautiful devices. Clean lines, slim profiles, an all aluminum body. But, to be totally honest, now that so many people are using them, the design is generic. Macbook Pro cases that feature a bold pattern are the perfect way to give yourself a leg up over the creative competition!

If your personal style is more influenced by contemporary artists, you might want to choose from these MacBook Pro cases that feature a more bold and geometric design. With colors that are as bright as some of the solid color cases, these will still definitely stand out in a coffee shop. Let’s face it, modern coffee shops and co-working spaces feature a sea of aluminum MacBooks and generic cases. If you choose this triangle pattern case from Kuzy, you can tell your next client which table you’re sitting at based entirely on your MacBook Pro case! What better way to stand out than making a statement by personalizing your most important tool as a creator.


Something Modern and Beautiful

One of the coolest new lines of MacBook Pro cases we have at Kuzy are these vintage flower cases. These cases are hip, vintage, and super cute. They are accented by a beautiful flower pattern that “grows” across the edges of the case! These MacBook Pro cases would be perfect for a local artist working in homegoods – like, let’s say you’re someone who creates and sells homemade candles on Etsy. The floral pattern gives these cases a homey vibe, while the vibrant background color keeps them looking modern and chic. It’s true that floral prints can look dated, but these aren’t your grandmother’s MacBook Pro cases

Each of the vintage flower cases feature one main color that you can choose from depending on your specific style. The color options vary from classic to modern and bold. The contrast between the vibrant main background color and the floral pattern is one of the coolest things about these MacBook Pro cases. If your wardrobe is made up of mostly cool blues and calm greens, you might want to grab the warm yellow case, which would compliment you as you work. Or, if you want to keep everything in the same palate, try going with the blue or mint green options. No matter which background color you choose, the beautiful floral pattern on these vintage flower cases will definitely make your style stand out.


Something Stark and Cold

As an artist or creator, maybe your personal style is minimalistic. There is a ton of design out there that focuses on clean lines and a lack of color (ahem… Apple computers… ahem). When it comes to the physical materials used in minimal design, marble is a common choice given the fact that it’s hard, flat, clean, and usually white or black. If your influences have led your personal aesthetic to a minimal place, you’ll be excited to know that Kuzy also offers MacBook Pro cases that are as stark and minimal as the countertops of your dreams.

The marble print MacBook Pro cases retain a clean and minimalist aesthetic while differentiating you from every other MacBook Pro user out there. Standing out in a subtle way is still standing out, and if your style calls for stark accessories, this case from Kuzy might be the perfect fit to emphasize that.

Something Classic with a Twist


There are even patterned case options if your style is more classic and refined. That’s the beauty of going with a patterned case. If you choose the right pattern, your case can show-off your classic style. It might seem counterintuitive to say that MacBook Pro cases can be classically stylish, given the fact that Apple devices are known for being sleek and minimal, but these lace print cases do just that. Everyday protection wrapped up in an aesthetic that is just as classy and refined as you are.

The Perfect Case for You

No matter what kind of personal aesthetic you rock on the day-to-day, Kuzy’s MacBook Pro cases have something that will showcase your style to the max. It’s time to start showcasing your style! Whether you’re a textile artist who loves working with florals, the ultimate minimalist designer who needs stark colors and clean lines, or anywhere in between, Kuzy’s incredibly diverse line of MacBook Pro cases are bound to feature a design that’s right for you.
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