7 Gifts You Can Give Your Techie Single Self this Valentines

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Techie Single

Got caught up with work that you've lost time for love? Enjoying your gadgets too much that you need no other company but yourself and your cherished MacBook?

It's that time of the year again and you might be wondering how to escape the mushy, heavy sweetness of this day generally intended for couples.

You can sweeten Valentines with some self-lovin'! These gifts will surely cheer you up especially if you're the techie type. 

These have been proven to satisfy the single, Mac-addicted heart.

Get those accessories for your Mac NOW!


1. MacBook X-Stand

The only X that will NEVER EVER CROSS you! 

This ingenious laptop-riser increases air flow to help in ventilation. Steklo's X-Stand raises MacBooks or laptops screens to eye level for better ergonomics. And if that is not enough, it EVEN folds to a compact, portable size!

Can a stand get even better than this?


2. Rainbow Keyboard Cover for MacBook Pro and Air

What a burst of colors! You'll never get bored typing if this is the keyboard cover that you're using. 


Rainbow Keyboard Cover for MacBook Air and Pro


It's made of high elastic silicone - every key individually molded and specially printed for a long lasting professional look. The soft, durable silicone material ensures comfortable usage while typing. So gorgeous!


3. Neoprene Sleeve Case Cover for MacBook and Laptop

Get that premium protection for your highly-prized Mac now! If all-around, slim-fit protection is what you need, the neoprene sleeve is PERFECT for you.


It comes with a heavy duty zipper for ensured durability! Moreover, it can even accommodate larger laptops if you're not into MacBook.


4. Magnetic Sleeve Case Cover for MacBook and Laptop

This product is specifically engineered to provide an all-around protection for your precious device without adding any extra bulk. It keeps your device in place and safe guards it from any unwanted accidents.





5. 13-inch MacBook Pro Anti-glare or/and Clear Screen Protector

You can ensure the safety of your MacBook for years to come with this trusted screen protector. It has anti-scratch film that is designed for perfect fit with the LCD screen. You can't afford to go without protection from dust and scratches.


13 inch Pro MacBook - Screen Protectors Anti-Glare or/and Clear


This product makes an ultra smooth Mac surface as it enhances the experience and utilization of touch screen and stylus features.


6. Apple A1243 Keyboard Cover with Numeric Keypad and Wire USB

A silicone keyboard cover that not only dresses up your full size keyboard in fashionable color - it is also flexible, washable, and easy to apply and remove for cleaning or disinfecting.


Apple A1243 Keyboard Cover with Numeric Keypad & Wire USB

Apple A1243 Keyboard Cover with Numeric Keypad & Wire USB


The beautiful aqua color is so refreshing to the eyes! It's not too late to provide full protection to your Mac against dust spills, key wear, and more. The comfort it brings when typing for a long time is irreplaceable! 


7. Print Design Rubberized Plastic Case

Where else can you find such unique, printed rubberized case? 


Print Design Rubberized Plastic Case | MacBook Pro 13.3" Retina Display

It's very fashionable but more importantly, it provides a good grip on the MacBook for your peace of mind. Rubber paint was applied on the top and bottom covers for a silky-smooth soft touch. 


So there you have it, seven essential products for the Mac-lover. Since you invested so much in your gadget, you should also consider protecting it the best that you can to prolong its life. Don't think twice. You REALLY need these!

Lovelyn Angalao
Lovelyn Angalao


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