KeyBoard Covers


MacBook Keyboard Covers Add Function and Style

Whether you bought an older MacBook for a few hundred dollars or spent thousands on one of the newer, high-end models, you want to protect that computer at all costs. All it takes is one frisky pet, a curious child or a slip of your hand to see your investment go down the drain. Liquid from a drink that spills over the keyboard, animals running across the keys or a child with sticky fingers can ruin your keyboard and make using your computer difficult. That's why we happily offer Mac lovers a wide range of MacBook keyboard covers.

Easy to Install

Other keyboard covers require so much hard work to install that you might find yourself sticking that cover in a closet and forgetting about. Made from silicone, our colored MacBook keyboard covers install in seconds. All the keys on our covers correspond with the location of the keys on your keyboard. Line up one end of the cover with your keyboard, gently unroll it across the surface and press down when done. That cover will remain in place until you carefully unroll it later.

Functional for Your Needs

Our MacBook keyboard covers protect your computer against dust, spills and dozens of other problems. If you have long hair, those hairs can drop onto the keyboard and become trapped between the keys, and if you have pets, you might find pet hair trapped in the keys. When you try pulling those hairs out yourself, you might find yourself accidentally breaking or damaging the keys. Adding a silicone cover to the top of your keyboard keeps debris from lodging inside the keys. If you accidentally spill something on your keyboard, you can quickly remove the cover and rinse it in your sink.

Bold Colors and Designs

Dress up your computer and give it a customized look with our colored MacBook keyboard covers. We offer covers for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models, and we have keyboards that fit 13 inch, 15 inch and 17 inch models. You can choose brightly colored rainbow designs, metallic designs and even designs that use foreign alphabets and symbols. Find the right keyboard cover for your MacBook in seconds.